The consumer or the product

Let’s assume that this company decided to test the product out on a hand full of people if 75% of the people in this group survey said they did not like the soda it probably would never make it to the production line. If 50% of the group said they liked it and the other 50% were undecided the company if anything would just make the fish-flavored soda a special one time a year specialty.
I think products drive consumer behavior because if one is a faithful buyer they will tend to go out their way or spend a little more money to get what they want. If they are really dedicated to the point of no return they will search out times, dates, and even locations of their favorite products. This behavior has even driven some people to overstock and go into debt as a product collector. Which brings us back to my first point that without the consumer there is no product.
How heavily should a marketer rely on market research findings What other important factors should be taken into account
A marketer should put a lot of decisions on his market research findings because this is what lets him know if his product is good or not. It’s his or her window to the world in a way, it lets them know whether their product is marketable whether it should be a certain price and who exactly is buying their products so they know how to market it. Every now and again you have a company that will take a long shot chance and sometimes they do good and sometimes they do horrible but the companies that use the research findings are most protected it’s their umbrella in the customer rainstorm.
The other factors that should be taken into account are employee likes and dislike because ultimately they are consumers too. Trust within your company because a marketer wouldn’t want a case like Coca- Cola secret selling on their hands and I think the biggest factors are ingredients and price. These four factors shape any company it determines the product value in the market. A company needs employees, these employees won’t enjoy their job if they don’t like the product. The product should have the right ingredients to be appealing whether it’s food, clothing, or art, etc. if it’s not good people won’t like it. For example, look at McDonald’s, this company did something so small as changing their fry oil and there was nationwide controversy, and lastly price, it should be a thing that people can afford. It doesn’t matter how good a product is if an individual isn’t within spending means unless of course they are a die-hard fan of the product they won’t get it and it kills the market for the marketer’s company.