The cosby show essay sample

The Cosby Show is a television family sitcom that aired from 1984 to 1992. The comedy focuses on an African American family that lives in Brooklyn, New York. The show portrays the ideal family; a married mother and father that have very successful jobs raising their five kids. The impact on this highly accredited sitcom demonstrates the need for family, work ethics, and Christian values. The show focuses on a family unit. The father Cliff Huxtable is married to Claire Huxtable. They have 4 daughters and 1 son; Sondra, Denise, Vanessa, Rudy, and Theo. When the show first began airing, all of their children were living in their beautiful two story brick home in Brooklyn. Eventually as the sitcom ran, the two oldest girls moved out. Sondra marries and has twins, and Denise goes off to college. These two siblings are forever present on the show, but they just aren’t living at home. This sends a positive significance to viewers by showing them that parents’ goals are to raise their children to leave home and become successful. The other children that are left at home bring day to day challenges to the family. From fighting among one another, getting in trouble at school, and lying to their parents, these obstacles are addressed and dealt with in a perfect family manner.

The mother and father are able to relay the message that no matter what the circumstance or issue, you always love, forgive, and protect your family (Terell, 2011). Throughout the show, a positive career image is displayed. The father, Cliff, is a prominent doctor who delivers baby. His office is located on the lower level of his home. His wife, Clair, is an attorney. They work very hard to provide for their family, and they also work very hard to instill ethical work values in their children. The parents do not give their children everything they desire, but they do provide everything they need. However, both parents work together to get the children to work for what they want. Although the parents dream of the oldest girls becoming doctors or lawyers, they are satisfied they are pursing some type of career. Yet, when Sondra drops out of medical school, her mother and father are furious. They try to tell her important an education is, and she must have a sense or work ethics (Jones, 1992). Throughout the show, Christian views are shown.

Marriage is a must. Even the oldest daughter Sondra is married before she has twins. The father, Cliff, makes sure that he instills in his kids that they will honor thy mother and father. There is no cursing or obscene language. There is even a scene where one of the children is thanking God for letting them see another day. Clair demonstrates God’s view of letting her husband be the head. She is submissive to him, and she doesn’t make any decisions without his consent first (Terell, 2011). In my opinion, the show had a positive worldview. Although society is not structured this way, the sitcom does provide a little hope for those who wish to have that life. It also showed me that a family is unit that works together for the stability of their home. I also noticed that every family has problems no matter how good they may seem to have it, but you work through them. If the world desires a better future and family unit, then it starts at home through setting examples.


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