The dangers of social responsibility by levitt 1958

The dangers of social responsibility [Pick the Summary The article ‘ the dangers of social responsibility’ by Levitt focuses on the dangers related to the social liability of management. Dedication to such responsibility due to self conscious is main the result unintentional defensive operation against the harsh criticizing on large organizations and on the ethical productivity of the revenue structure. There is not anything cryptic about ‘ the social responsibility syndrome’. The social responsibility syndrome does not cause an influence on the nature of the businessmen or cause the absence of self interest in them and make them confident. In fact what happens is quite opposite to that. Most of the time it is observed that this is a method of paramounting the life span of private enterprises by challenging the critic’s and making them loose confidence in themselves.
List of important features, facts and highlights
The purpose of business is to not only produce profits of a very high level but also to maintain it.
The nature of free economy is source of gaining profit in the whatever means that is coherent and to look after its own continued existence as a free enterprise system.
The dominance which the company profits as a kind of marketable demichurch, will become impotent as an organization which is only profit-motive private enterprise.
It is certain that if the purpose of business becomes purely profit, private enterprise will become obscure and there would only be the apathetic remnants of the innovative efficacy, which used to be.