The devils den

The current managers did not seem to realize there was a current problem with theft. When she mentioned it to another student employee, he just shrugged it off. Should she tell on the others and risk being fired or should she wait it out until she was a manager and take care of it herself?
Some of the strengths of the company are that they are a student-run business on campus that offers convenience for food for them. The weaknesses are that they put other students in charge of business and they sometimes do not have the training and since they are around peers, they are not seen as authority figures. Opportunities are that students can obtain management experience while in college so they might have better chances for jobs after graduation. They are in a hands-on learning situation. The threats of the company are that some authorities are not right there so cannot be looked to for help and the main managers are oblivious to the issue.
As a consultant, in order to make the business more profitable, would be to hire one full-time manager who is not a student. Let there be a few student managers that are part-time. All employees should have to follow a code of conduct and they would be let go if they did not follow it. People who notice problems should be rewarded and encouraged to report them to upper staff members.