The difference maker

One of the main goals of all human beings is to want achieve success in all areas of our life, work, family, social and are always in search of that success so longed happiness handed us dream. There are thousands of books and authors who speak of matter, where we teach key tips to achieve excellent development of our goals and achievements. One of those great authors who have dedicated their entire life to write and teach route form and order to achieve those goals is Jhon C. Maxwell, great motivator that has worked to lecture within organizations to promote extraordinary leaders. Maxwell in one of his books entitled ” The Difference Marker” teaches us to turn our attitude as the most valuable asset for achieving all of our objectives and goals. He tells us that a great attitude is all that you need to be successful, but not enough just to have a good attitude, you also need to possess skills and integrated both accompany success. The attitude that you have positive and negative situations would make a difference and Maxwell mentions five obstacles encountered: discouragement, change, problems, fears and losses, he also believes that attitude is an internal feeling, which is influenced by your experiences past, is the power of your true self, is unconscious, is your best friend or enemy, and that attitude is manifested through our conduct, is the spokesman for your present and your future prophet. The big question, Where do we get that attitude really?, Your environment where and how you grew up, the expressions of others and how they perceive you, as you will perceive yourself, the opportunities are not equal for all the world, the partner with people with the same interests, the strongly you have to believe in your thoughts, how you decide how you will do things, in order while more you live more moldable are your decisions. We can not disconnect the attitude of the reality in which we live, and think we will get success only by our dreams. The attitude that we develop make a difference, but it is all we have to prepare because there are things she can not compensate: – Attitude can not replace the aptitude, the latter is the ability you have to do things, Maxwell says, that if you think you can do something that’s confidence, the ability to do it, and both are necessary for success; – The attitude can not substitute for experience, and usually get until after you need it. First comes the test and after the experience, this one does not learn is acquired, so it is important to hire people with experience (aptitude) and this combined with the positive attitude, will give the winning formula; – Your attitude can not change the events, you can handle them and accepting in good shape, if you can not change, then accept it in a good way, how? Changing your attitude;- Your attitude can not substitute personal growth, you have to feed the mind and soul to become the person you want;- Your attitude will remain the same all the time, unless you work at it every day, trying to get the daily control of the attitude should be one of our main objectives. We need to understand that we need to experience in our lives, ripen, grow them, believe in yourself and have a persevering attitude to succeed. When we asked why we have to have a good attitude in our lives, and that will bring benefits, Maxwell explains: external events can not be controlled by us, but the internal are the opposite, and the attitude that I developed before these events I can control, make the difference. The positive or negative attitude I have in a given situation will change the way that I can see things and therefore my behavior. If I want to emphasize the negative, my situation is black, clouded, however if I want to emphasize the positive perception will be glad in hope. The basic principle of working with people and be successful is in: – The principle of the glasses, as we see other people and this has more to do with our attitude that the characteristics of individuals; – Beginning of sorrow, when a person is hurtful, hurts others, the negative experiences we can have other relationships affect personal relationships can come to exist, even if they are not harmful; – Top of the elevator, we go up and down to people according to their limitations and weaknesses; – Learning principle, every person we meet gives us a lesson, something new, some people determine that they can learn something from them, others not simply because they have nothing to offer. It is so important to keep a positive attitude in any event, that many doctors assert that creates a direct effect on the body’s cells, causing delay the advance of disease. Psychoneuroimmunology is the science in charge the emotional and mental activity, and the welfare of the individual, and indicates that patients may have a higher recovery if there is a relationship between feelings and emotions. Plato said that our mind was our home, and we can make it heaven or hell. ” Life is 95% mental and the other 5% is physical” these are words of Yogi Berra, baseball player New York Yankee team, and this affirmation is true. The attitude that we develop in situations of our lives make a difference. But what would these actions we should take to have a great attitude: 1-Take responsibility for your attitude, the first rule is not to feel defeated because your attitude is not right, take action to improve it. 2-Evaluate your attitude in this, look at yourself to see what’s causing this, and you have to make positive changes to achieve this transformation. There are several steps: – Identify how you feel about yourself, – how you feel in relation to others – the problem you’re thinking, we are the sum of our thoughts. It is therefore important to think positive because we will never change our attitude but start first with our thoughts. 3-Build the change you wish. 4-Change your attitude, change your thoughts, to be able to control your thoughts can control your attitude.” You are not what you think you are, but what you think, you are.” 5-Build good habits. 6-Manege daily attitude, successful people make decisions once the work every day. The five biggest obstacles attitude are:-discouragement, – change, – the problems, – the fear – failure. If you allow discouragement invade your life, you will never get the success you want. Do not confuse one passenger discouragement, we can have a day for any situation and overcome it, to when we refer to a constant discouragement in all our actions. The key is to focus on the positive things and learn to live with the bad or negative. There are several points that teach us to work effectively against discouragement. 1-Get the right perspective on the situation, not refute the facts how?: – Having a good view of the entire film – have a look at the problem, – Observe yourself when you turn your face to discouragement know what you are facing and find new opportunities that in this situation presented to you; – Notes profoundly successful people, – See the positive possibilities that it can bring this situation. 2-Go, meet the right people, we have to try to spend more time with positive people, those that help us have hope, faith, confidence in ourselves. 3-Pronounce right words, do not talk badly about yourself, use positive words. 4-Develop right expectations, it is important to create realistic expectations, you can achieve, considering that you submit obstacles in the way, which get over. 5-Take the right decisions, when we take wrong decisions, we are worn because we chose the wrong way, so it is important to know when and how we will make decisions. Maxwell explains that when we are at the top of the mountain and will take decisions when we are in the valley, that is down need to develop persistence. If we can develop and maintain perspective can overcome discouragement and move forward. We humans although we like the change, we resist on. Change is hard for everyone, but we are also aware that there is no progress without change, there are several reasons that make us resist them: fear of the unknown, because they believe it is not the time to do it, because they feel uncomfortable, probably because different from what they know, not that it is bad or wrong, just not what they’re used, for established traditions. We try to get things done in every area of our lives, and in most of the times, we have to do it in the mist of difficulties. We simply cannot avoid problem, no one is exempt of them. But our perspective on the problem usually determines our success or failure, not the problem itself. The key is to focus on what you learning, not on what you are losing. If you do that, then you will open the door to future possibilities. Fear is part of the human condition and all of us experience some kind of fear, defined as a false expectation appearing real. It has destructive effects when our own thoughts create potential danger for cause inaction, and us when taking action will require us to move into the unknown. Fear and anxiety are debilitating emotions than let us undermine faith in ourselves, in others, and in God. Also is a waste of energy when unfounded fear can turn into a real problem and keeps a person and others around him from reaching their potential. In order to handle fear you must admit your fears, recognizing the source of them and how your fears can limit you. The only place we really have any power is in the present and it require give today our attention, not yesterday because is waste of energy and nothing can change it, not tomorrow because can cause us miss present opportunities. The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of a response to failure, which is determined for the attitude, the difference maker. When we face failure, we have to change our attitude. We have to change our vocabulary for example instead of using “ If only” the way to correct that mind set is to change by “ Next time”. The success people do not use the word failure to describe their mistakes, instead they referred to learning experiences, tuition paid or opportunity for grows. The difference maker, your attitude is not everything, but it is one thing that can make a difference in your life. When we allow the difference maker to make an impact in our lives, we can help others. Actually this is the mean purpose of the difference maker; if we apply as leaders the power of a positive attitude starting in us, we can spread to the employees in the organization and achieve personal and corporate goals. In this book John Maxwell destroys the common myths relating to the attitude: what can and can not do for you. By showing how to overcome the five main barriers of attitude, Maxwell teaches the skills needed to turn the attitude in the most valuable possession. What is more important, the book teaches not only develop an attitude that will have a tremendous impact on career, family and everyday life, but also to maintain that attitude for the rest of life.