The effects of long and short term stress

The Effects of Long and Short TermStressTeresa Mcilwain PS2150-3 Emry Somnarain October 21, 2012 What does the term Stress mean? Stress is a term used in many different ways. Stress also can refer to events and circumstances, also examinations that can cause unease; to the specific body responses to such events, like Rapid heartbeat; or the mind’s and body’s try to deal with in order to recapture a sense of wellness.

Stoklos defines stress as a state of imbalance within a person, drawing out by actual or bought on different enviromental demands and the person’s capacity to cope the demands”                                                     What is the Effect of Short Term Stress? Short-term stress or acute stress is your reaction to an immediate threat. Divorceor sometime as simple as a deadline is a threat . This is known as ” fight or flight” response. The body is effected by stress is sleep disturbances.

Insomnia is one form of sleep disorder. Short- term stress can be back pain, shoulder, or neck pain, Stress can even cause tension or migraine headaches. Depending on the nature of stress, you could experience rashes and hives or even hair loss. Your feet and hands may get cold as your blood flow is redirected from your skin to your heart. Shortness of breath may occur, if you have a touch of asthma and can cause asthma attacks. There are many more ways that stress can effects the body.

What are the Long Term effects of Stress? Long-Term stress is the same as chronic stress has been defined by Pearlin as ” the relatively enduring Problems and, conflicts and threats that people face in their daily lives. ” The most known bases for this type of stress arefamilyproblems with spouse, parents, or children; love or sex problems; job related or s can break down your immune system and make you very vulnerable to infection, including cold and flu symptoms.

Prolonged stress can cause then you can suffer from Digestive problems, like constipation and diarrhea. Most people that have lots of stress turn to eating that end up being obese problems; and any other competitive involvement. Long-stress GREGORY L. WEISS, LYNNE E. LONNQUIST,. TheSociologyofHealth, Healing, and Illness BYESTRESS, htt://www. byestress. com/byestress-articles/effects-0f-stress-on-the-body. htm