The effects of the media

The media, for a long time now has been known to have a large effect on society, and women have been by far the most affected people in society. The media has made women to do so much on themselves with the belief that they can attain what is being broadcast on the media.

The allusion of a ‘ perfect body’ in itself causes many health effects on many women in the US. Buckroyd (1996) notes that advertisers these days have become like the voice of society placed on advertising masts and indeed, the current crop of the modern woman has been known to great extents just to achieve this. Recent research studies confirm the fact that women are most affected people as far as media is concerned. The uptake of diet pills by women has been on the increase and it has been attributed to the media, partly because of the adverts running on the media promising a quick way to reduce that fat that has been bothering you, or the constant images of super-slim women considered as the epitome of beauty in the media and society as whole. Most women are also opting to undergo some kind of surgery so as to improve their physical looks.

It is not uncommon to hear of famous celebrities having some kind of implant so as to boost their image and soon after everyone else is following these so called celebrities for the same. Buckroyd (1996) reckons that more and more women are being diagnosed with disorder. Bulimia is one of the most common eating disorder affecting people. Together with taking diet pills, some women are also opting to skip meals altogether so as to become slim and get that ‘ perfect’ body shape. In most cases however, the results have turned out to be disastrous Buckroyd (1996).

In view of these facts, women look increasingly gullible to the preaching of the media. Whereas the media is not entirely to blame for the current trends amongst women, it is important to note that it is one of the facets of society that has been known to have a profound effect, of course, it is hard to rule out and hard correlate the perception of society on the content of the media and how it affects women.