The giver vs the hunger games essay sample

While both novels are science fiction, The Hunger Games, written by Suzanne Collins, shows more action and vigor than The Giver’s perfect utopian society with unnerving truths. The two novels have a conflict that includes survival. Lowry, author of The Giver, uses action, ideas, and adjectives to describe her main characters’ appearance and personalities in the community. Collins also describes her characters in the same way. The plot in The Giver was straightforward. Lowry gives an indication as to what might happen next. She uses adjectives to describe different situations in the plot.

The Hunger Games’s plot was simple and understandable. It had many details that encouraged the reader to imagine what was going on. This novel was much more vivid that The Giver. Both authors have created their setting totally different. While Lowry’s setting is a perfect community with climate control and no hunger, Collins uses more details to describe how rural and impoverished the main character is in her environment. Unlike Lowry, Collins uses first person narrator as the point of view in The Hunger Games. With this point of view, the main character is telling the story and readers will be able to know what the character’s thoughts and feelings are. The point of view in The Giver is in third person narrator, which basically describes the thoughts and emotions of one character.

The mood in The Giver was a little mysterious and doubtful. The Hunger Games is suspenseful and has some romantic scenes. Bother moods give the reading more understanding of feeling of the characters. Inference is used many times throughout both novels. The authors give cliffhangers as the clues. The readers can give an educated guess on what will come next based on what the person knows so far. Lowry uses the characters’ names as symbols to God. It helps the reader know that there is faith and hope in The Giver. Collins uses objects, such as the mockingjay pin, as a symbol also. It is a sign of resistance and rebellion in The Hunger Games. Lowry and Collins did an excellent job on writing the two novels with well descriptive adjectives and details to follow. The two writers also made it very interesting and intriguing. While some parts developed differently, most of the parts were established quite the same. Both are wonderful authors and, hopefully, their novels could benefit all adults and children in the future.