The great gatsby research paper


Love is actually the greatest gift that our creator ever gave us. In fact, true love isn’t caring what the other individuals think about the two who love one another, but it is when one feels sickly and depressed when he or she is not with him or her. Nowadays, many people believe that true love does not exist. The reason why many individuals believe so is essentially because of the rising number of infidelity in marriages and divorce cases in our contemporary society believed to be greatly contributed by “ fake love” or love of material objects and money among couples. Many studies that have been conducted indicate that couples in which either one or the two partners place high priority on spending or getting money are much less probable to have stable and satisfying marriages. This also applies to material objects. The big question that remains is how much material objects and money play a role in relationships.
The American author, F. Scott Fitzgerald in his novel, “ The Great Gatsby” does not really offer the meaning of love, or a distinction between this gift from God and romance. Nonetheless, he does suggest that what individuals consider being love is normally only a dream. Several relationships in this novel are actually not driven by love, but are driven by materialism that is, love of material things and money. After reading this epic novel, we understand that Jay Gatsby attempts to use his extravagant life to win back Daisy, his lover before the war. He clearly knows that Daisy is materialistic, that is she loves lavish lifestyle and money and this is the reason why he opts to use them to win back her love. Gatsby believes that with his wealth he can win Daisy back, “ of course the past can be repeated” (Fitzgerald and Bruccoli 133).
Generally in many relationships, the man is normally expected to take the woman out, purchase nice things for her, and spend on her. This is either used to show that he is full-fledged enough to take the responsibility of being in a relationship or to prove his love for her. For that reason, women have a habit of defining love in terms of the amount of material things or money that they are capable of getting. In the novel, Gatsby exactly does this to prove his love for Daisy who we understand that is in another relationship, “ Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay” (Fitzgerald and Bruccoli 78). On her part, Daisy is confused because she loves the two guys, Gatsby and Tom whom we understand that are both rich. Therefore, many believe that material things and money in relationships are used to prove a partner’s love to the other or to show that a man is grown enough to take his responsibilities of being in a relationship. This is what has led to marriages where true love does not exist.
Additionally, the relationship between George and Myrtle is full of hatred because George is a poor man. I believe that Myrtle hates George because he is not rich. George is a mechanic and a garage owner while Tom is a millionaire living in East Egg. This is the reason why she engages in extra-marital affairs with Tom (Lathbury 25). What does this indicate? This indicates that material things and money in relationships are used to buy happiness. Marriages where a husband is not rich are characterized by hatred and infidelity.
In relationships, ladies value security, with material things and money comes security. Thus, from a guy’s perspective, you need material objects and money to attract ladies, very sad but true. It is therefore correct to say that in the relationships, material objects and money are used by women as security and men as things to attract women. Fitzgerald clearly demonstrates this in his novel. Whatever Gatsby purchases he purchases for a purpose, which is to win Daisy,. The author portrays Daisy as someone who is attracted by wealth and this shows how women in relationships value wealth as a source of security. Her voice is described as seductive according to the following quote, “ Her voice is full of money” (Fitzgerald and Bruccoli 144). This means that her aim is to ensure that she is married by a rich man.
Moreover, after reading the novel, we understand that material objects and money in relationships are used by partners to waste one another. A good example of a failed relationship in the novel is the disloyal affair between Myrtle Wilson and Tom Buchanan. This relationship is basically based on exploitation and deceit, Myrtle is used by Tom for pure pleasure and sex and in return he showers her with money and gifts.

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