The harvard university

To be what we are today, we all have our own stories to tell and personal struggles and sacrifices that we make. Some times we are just luck. Different legislators belong to different political parties so do their views, principles and backgrounds. We are going to examine two prominent personalities. First, let us look at senator Barrack Peters who is a son of an African migrant. Senator Barrack was borne forty six years ago in Illions state, his father was an African migrant who had gone in America and acquired an American citizenship then he married an American wife.

As a child Barrack went to American school and performed well. He got ascholarshipand proceeded to study law at theHarvardUniversity. Where he was actively involved in students’leadershipand was the president of student union at the university. After graduating with an honors degree, Barrack worked for an American civil society group. He later joined a famous law firm called Young, Lawrence and associates where he worked in the civil cases department. It is here that he met his wife Julia, who was working with another law firm as a clerk. After working here for ten years he left and formed his own law firm.

During the same period he also got involved in politics and decided to join the democrats. His friends and wife encouraged him to go an elective position. During the next election he contested for the senator seat on a democrat ticket and was elected with a land slide. On the other hand, let us examine senator Arnold Sorio, a man who nobody imagined could be a senator. Arnold was borne fifty years ago, he was the sixth in afamilyof eight, his parents were very poor and his father used to work in a coal mine. The mother washed dishes in a near by hotel to supplement the father.

As a child Arnold knew that everything was a struggle, he had to work as child assisting the mother in her duties at the hotel and at the same time attend school. So he went joined high school, he had to take part time jobs to pay fees as his parents could not afford to pay him. He managed to finish and joined college. In college he studied arts and drama as he loved acting andmusic. He had always dreamed to be an actor as this made him forget the hard times he was experiencing. After college Arnold joined a local drama group and performed in local hotels.

Themoneyhe earned was very little and with pressure from his parents to assist them he couldn’t manage. Arnold decided to try his luck in Los Angles where he went. Life here become very difficult has he could not get a breakthrough to the movies where he really wanted to be. He was forced to do odd jobs to make ends meet. Two years later at thirty he got a chance to play a small role in a movie that was being shot in Los angles. The producer of the movie was so much impressed with his acting, and promised to give him a bigger role in a movie he was producing next.

Soon Arnold was being sought by many film producers and he became a house hold name. It was with a big surprise when Arnold announced that he was quitting acting and the big screen and he is joining the Republican Party and that he was going to contest the New York seat as a senator. Every body thought what a joke an actor being a senator! But then Arnold did his home work nicely and beat his other contenders and he his now Senator Arnold Sorio. The senator is married to a former model Miss Brittney and has two beautiful daughters. These two senators have a different background and are in opposite political parties.

They have different perspective of looking at national issues. Take war in Iraq, Senator Barrack believes that this war should not have happened, that American need to pull out its troops as soon as possible, as the war is draining the country resources both financial and in terms of personnel. He also reasons that this war seems not to have an end as the Iraqis themselves are not taking the initiative to end the war. The senator also agues that the foreign polices of America should change has they have created more enmity thanfriendship.

On the contrary Senator Arnold beliefs that the war was good for American has it removed a dictator from power. He argues that only change of regime was needed and nothing else. He also points out that American has aresponsibilityto bring order in Iraq and therefore the troops should stay in Iraq until order is restored. As for the resources being incurred he argues that democracy has a very big price and sacrifices must be made to gain it. When it comes to tax, Senator Barrack has a view that low income earners should be exempted from paying tax or be given tax relieves.

He believes that the poor are taxed more than the rich and argue that the government should take decisive tax measures. In this way he predicts the economy will grow faster as more money will be left to the people who will then invest it. He also points out that, the living standard has shot up and yet more tax is paid; instead he proposes that the burden of tax should be reduced. On the other hand, Senator Arnold opposes the move saying that the government needs more revenue to provide services to the public.

Therefore, he points out that tax relieves should not be there and instead more tax should be paid. He argues out that, for economy to grow better infrastructures and social amenities must be put in place and the government requires funds to build these infrastructures. The senator states that, good governments can only operate well when they have resources and those resources come from the people. He lastly argues that tax relieve should not be there as money that government collect in form of taxes goes back to the public in form of better services.