The importance of reading persuasive essay

Reading is they way people learn, educate and understand themselves. Reading is also a thinking process, which allows the reader to use his knowledge. The principal purpose of reading is to understand the text and using textual indication to find the meaning of new words. Each of us had experience as readers either in school, before school or after school. Below are somememoriesand experience I had as a reader.

To begin, I do havechildhoodmemories of being read when I was younger. My mum use to read me some stories and sometimes books one chapter a week. Even my brother used to read books when my mother was occupied or when she travelled. I don’t really remember those books and stories, but there is one book I remember, and that book is “ The Night before Christmas.” I always remember this story at every eve of Christmas.

She also used to read the Bible to me and my siblings. Secondly, another memory is when my parents use to stick Alphabets, fruit and vegetables charts on wall of the corridor and asked us to pronounce each alphabet. They sometimes organize competition for the person who will spell they letter of the alphabet off head and identify the fruits or vegetables they would ask. So, this competition forced us to learn how to read and pronounce letters, because a reward was given at the end to the winner and those who participate.

Again, I also remember my passion for sport especiallySoccerand Basketball. I love to be in the sitting home with my father and brother washing football and trying to retain the names of players. I had good feelings about reading, because it exercises my brain, improves my concentration and knowledge. As an effect, it somehow improves my vocabulary and my imagination. It also influenced my language skills since my parents set a few times for us to study.

Furthermore, at my teenage age, I do remember some reading memories and experience either in school or in the house. I remember when myteacherteaches us how to read. She would make groups in our class and each group had his day to read the novel and explain. Each member of the group had a phrase which he would read aloud and explain what he read. She also asked us to read the book in our own, but in class everybody practice.

Again, I remember when my history teacher asked us to have a vocabulary book where we would explain all the vocabulary words in our note books. He usually gives us quizzes on those vocabulary words and their meaning. To continue, when I was a teenage, I started reading to learn and this process was not easy at the beginning but with the help of my elder brother and my teachers, it became easier and easier. My teachers always told me to read what we did during the day after the class at home and read it they day before the class. I still use this method till today. I always read my notes when I was a teenager.

I hardly read novels and books, because I was not too interested by it. Sometimes, I could read a story book. I used to watch series (American andMexicanseries), and sport. As my feeling, reading in times of school was interesting and wonderful, since I knew words as I grew up. I feel as if I belong to school and that encourage me to be engage inacademicand non-academic activities. As an effect it helped me to build my own vocabulary and improve my understanding when I listen lessons or lectures from the teacher. It also encourages me to be interested in books which is vital for a student.

Moreover, adult reading is very interesting because it makes you smart and increases your brain power. I used to read news-papers and magazines. But I prefer magazines (Magazines of shoes, cloths, and cars) because I love to see it. As a bilingual student, it is easy for me to read because, I can interpret what I read in other languages. Sometimes, it is difficult especially, when I come across a word I have never seen, and I don’t know the meaning.

At this moment, I’m obliged to use the dictionary and it help me to improve. I love reading stories to children and teach them how to read by pronouncing words, letters. I used to read scary and interesting stories to my nephews and niece. The scary stories were for the big people. I can fall asleep when I read if I’m tired, but frequently I don’t fall asleep when I read because I planned my self before reading, either a novel or my note book.

I also love washing movies and shows. I love washing renovations houses shows and mobile auto shows. I get tired or bored of reading when it is too long. My feelings about reading is so great because, reading entertain, informed and educates us. I always feel happy when I’m reading interesting and helpful stories. Reading also help me to get information and be informed. As an effect, it raises my awareness of the importance of my programs and majors. It has made me to critically analyzed and find solutions of problems in my life. Also increase my level of creativity

Reading is important forhuman being, because it increase its level of thinking and analyzed words. Reading is also important because if I didn’t love reading, I don’t think I would have known what I know today. It has been proven that reading reducesstressespecially when you read before sleeping. It also
increases our imagination.