The importance of voting

Voting is crucial in the progression of our society, good or bad, and our future. The simple act of voting can change the entire United States of America. It can aid in the positive or negative political growth, creating allies with other countries, or simple things such as our rights as the American citizens.

In order to vote, some political background should be present. This eliminates the issue of voting for a certain political party based solely from others beliefs. This knowledge can be obtained from basic research such as articles, novels, and trusted internet websites. Many people decide to vote before they truly know who they are voting for. Some may not even be educated on politics at all. For me what makes it so important is the amendments, we the people have a right to vote. Like the second amendment the right to bear arms there are some out there that want to take that away but to me, I think they’re crazy for insisting that diminishing the use of firearms get rid of some crime issues.

Criminals will find a way to get gun, whether it is legal or not, this will only stop the law abiding citizens from the right to carry. I believethat school can setup a system to keep guns out of schools. For me a firearm is is for hunt and protection, what they have been used for many generations. Our veterans had fought for our right to vote for what we believe in. People complain on how things are going in this country but most don’t even vote so the have no right to complain because they’re not trying to vote for what they believe that will make things better for we the people.

As far as political growth is considered, many people believe straight Republican or straight Democrat. When someone is elected of a different political party, this creates a divide in our country. During election, when you look at the polls it is easy to notice that certain areas are predominantly one party. If it comes down to it, just a few votes could change the outcome entirely. For example, if yourfamilyis straight republican party, yet the democratic party is up in the election, encouraging your family and friends who share a common beliefs as you, can make quite a huge change.

On the flip side of the spectrum, if you vote based solely off of what others believe, this could open the door for even a larger amount of dispute between groups. Personally, I was anti- Hillary Clinton from the start due to the fact that she considers herself a Modern Democrat as well as analyzing the way her husband ran our country while in office. Donald Trump not only is a Republican, he also has done many things to impact our economy in a positive way. This is an example of deriving information from trusted sources and voting for a party that I truly agree with.

Another reason that it is important to vote is because we need to be able to create relationships with other countries. Our economy runs based off of the trade of goods and services to and from other countries. Having resources available that come from China, Taiwan, and many other countries helps our economy grow stronger. However, due to past electorates, we are very far indebted to China, this is one thing that Trump is working on eliminating. Being in debt to other countries creates conflict which directly leads to war.

Voting is necessary to run a country and as a citizen on the United States of America, I believe that it is my duty to ensure that I have voted for the person I believe will run our country properly and effectively. To me, the most important thing that I look for in a possible president is if they have a common political view as me, someone who knows how to create allies with neighboring countries, and most importantly, someone who will not try to eliminate the so called, unalienable rights, guaranteed to citizens.