The italian food essay sample

My favorite food is Italian food. Basically we can say it consisted of spaghetti and pizza. They are not only show up in Italy but also popular in US. Italian food is considered inexpensive, family oriented and convenient. The Italian food culture has influenced the American way of making food. Ingredients are potato sauce, flour and olive oil. People suppose to prepare these stuffs before they made Italian foods. However, American already tried to use these ingredients for another kind of food which means Italian food culture completely mix with American food culture.

Sociological imagination from C. Wright Mills, The beginner’s mind from Bernard McGrane, and the idea of culture shock from anthropology are all discover a question or a phenomenon with a new way or totally different way. Beginner’s mind means we need to understand or observe without preconception and must unlearn what we already know. Culture shock happened when we completely lack an understanding of our surrounding, that we are truly able to perceive what is right in front of eye. The sociological imagination means we can discover radically different ways of experiencing life and interpreting reality.

Contemporary American society. America is an ideal, because we use it to describe the ideal, which says the US exists for the purpose of being an ideal: an attempt to form a more perfect union among all the people who live here.

These two perspectives make different assumption about how society works: the micro sociological perspective assume the society’s large structures are shaped through individual interactions, while the macro perspective assumes that society’s large structure shape those individual interaction.