The man to send rain clouds

The paper ” The Man to Send Rain Clouds” is a great example of a literature book review.
“ The Man to Send Rain Clouds” published in 1969 was, in fact, Leslie Silko’s first challenge in fiction writing. Leslie Silko was brought up at Laguna Pueblo, in west-central New Mexico. The intensity and exuberation of feelings with which Leslie Silko has narrated her own feelings and emotions have strengthened the American Originals through this short story. The story is about a Laguna-based event that she heard about in her childhood. In the story, the writer put forth the strength that makes the characters to creatively combine Indian rituals with the general spirit of the law that governs the priests.
The story mainly describes the death of an old man whose body was found under a tree. His relatives strongly believed that his spirit would pour rain on sprinkling water by a priest on the old man’s dead body. The following list will unveil the role of each character in the story.
Teofilo:-Teofilo is the old man who found dead under a tree while his sheep were grazing on the valley side. This character plays the main role in the story that depicts the conflict caused during his burial ceremony. He was a Native American living in New Mexico who holds both the new and old ways. This character visually appeared as a modern person even though he very often sticks to old traditional values.
Leon:-Leon is the grandson of the old man Teofilo. As he respects Christian cultural heritage and rites, he has to combine the American as well as the Indian approaches for the burial of his grandfather. He has great pleasure in putting paintings on his dead grandfather’s face according to the custom. Leon informs his wife and others about Teofilo’s death with a few words giving the reader aware of Leon’s calm character. He requested the priest to sprinkle the holy water on the grandfather’s body in a very pleasing way that made the priest accompany with him for the ceremonial function. Leon was having the belief that the spirit of the old man will send big rain clouds.