The onion news network reader response

The Onion News Network Reader Response The influence of satire is tremendous and the fake news presentations continue tobe watched by many people across the country. Bringing humor to real stories, the fake news provides entertainment on real issues in the society, as well as the events shaping the political circles. In this light, it is important to note that such shows are important to the society and influence people to realize many pertinent issues in the society.
In essence, the news satire has continued to raise civilian awareness on various issues that arise in the society. Apart from being entertainment spots, the satire promotes critical reflection on issues that may be facing the society (Amarasingam 47). Such range of awareness has been evoked by such satirical stories highlighted like that of the Japanese tsunami relief, which was followed by serious comments from its viewers.
On the other hand, satire news exposes the rot in the government as well as the shortcomings witnessed in most public offices. In the absence of such arenas, the failures and contradictions in many institutions would go unnoticed. Such has been the advocacy of such programs like The Daily Show, which highlights recent ideas and topics of issues that inform the society.
Viewers who highly understand the aspect of humor in the satirical news are able to understand situations better than the way they are given in the normal news broadcasts. In this light, the shows of Colbert Report have provided useful insights to its viewers (Amarasingam 62). For example, he named a Hungarian bridge after himself in one of the shows, a silly but insightful portray of the political situation at the time.
From their humor, satire news provides a way of attracting attention and raising activism on various issues. The fake news will continue to have positive impacts on the society, even in the future.
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