The origin, development, struggle and future of the communities and cities in our country over the past 200 years

The Origin, Development, Struggle And Future Of The Communities And Cities In Our Country Over The Past 200 Years
IN A TWO PAGE ESSAY, explain the origin, development, struggle and future of the communities and cities in our country over the past 200 years.
America really originated in the map of the world in 1776 along with the declaration of independence. America was invented in 14th century by Christopher Columbus and the European Colonist started his footsteps. The largest arrangement started by English on English Coast in 1607. In the 1770, thirteen colonies were established and 13 million people were started to live in these colonies and made their political and legal system by themselves. Self government was the major threat for British government; it had leaded the war in 1770 that is why government had passed the declaration of independence in 1775 (Finkelman, 2006).
In half of the 18th century, there was totally disturbance in the political section of the United States. Slavery was so much common in the United States. Declaration of independence was written by Thomas Jefferson who himself had more than 200 slaves. In 1787, the constitution convention explains the rights of blacks in the society. According to that they did not have a right to vote as well as they did not take admission in public schools. After 20 years after the revolution many Southern freed their slaves. When the United States grew, slavery was also extended. In 1793, cotton gin was invented which, permitted the cultivation of short staple cotton in Inland areas. In 1830, majority of the blacks were free in thee United States approximately they were319, 000. Many of the people in the black community lived in poverty, but some had established their successful bossiness (Smallwood, 1997).
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