The purpose of philosophy for the search of man’s existence essay sample

The study which encompasses and stretches out the range of a certain thing by the use of reasoning in its deep sense is renowned as Philosophy. Philosophy is defined as the knowledge of all things through their ultimate cause, acquired through the use of reason. The connotation we have from philosophy tends us to give the perfection of a certain thing not trough its proximate cause but through the ultimate cause which is he primary focus of it. Part of Human existence is to search the cause of his existence. As of this, Many theories arise when we speak of creation there arises the “ DHARWINIAN THEORY” which above all the blister of all theories concerning Man’s existence. It asserts that man is the product of monkey’s evolution. The theories that we have in our spontaneous way of living are part of science which according to Philosophy, (science) “ attain by means of demonstration starting from some principles”. The theory concerning monkey’s evolution to man had only its conclusion from its corporeal analysis.

Thus, since theory is a sort of science, at this point, the question “ Who took man’s causation?” will bother to a individual as he seek the fundamental answer of the cause of his existence. In this ground, since Philosophy seeks the truth behind the ultimate cause of everything in deep sense, we would arrive to the very extent of this search of man’s creation. Man is gifted of Spontaneous Knowledge. With this help, we could know the existence of man or a certain thing in natural way. Man cannot exist only in itself, for he cannot bring about his own existence. Also, It is not a coincidence that man has a life. We could say that the individual exists by pointing out that “ He did not cause himself”, this leads us to give the tentative answer that his parents are somehow responsible for his existence. But at this point, can we conclude then that his parents explain his existence? To certain extent, they do but this explanation is a limited since the parents were not capable of explaining their own existence. Yes, they themselves were caused but how about their existence? Again, we will have a series of their causes only to know the full explanation of their existence.

If we were to suppose that there is an unlimited series of parental causation, is this enough to have a full explanation of man’s existence? Clearly the answer is NO, for such an infinite series of parental causes is not capable of explaining itself. Another way of searching for man’s existence is by asserting the question “ What causes the individual’s existence?” in this ground, We are led to say that an individual exists because of a complexity of causes: his heart that beats, his lungs that function, the food he eats and the air he breaths, etc. all these causes are responsible for his existence. However, do these factors (lungs, heart, air, food, etc) which cause the individual’s existence give us a full explanation for this existence? Our answer must be NO for there are infinite number of the factors which are not enough to explain the individual’s existence. Hence, these are limited.

And to point out these factors existence there would be something which is clearly lacking in this explanation. It would not have explained what caused all these factors and what brought them together at this particular moment in order to cause the individual’s existence. Philosophy in Metaphysical sense, which goes beyond human understanding , we are led to affirm, therefore that something exists which is ultimately responsible for all other causes of this individual’s existence and for bringing them all together into coordinated causation. Only such a supreme being, uncaused cause gives us the full explanation of the existence of the individual. There must exist, therefore, a first cause which is uncaused. A first caused who is ultimately responsible for any series of causes and ultimately for the individual’s existence. In affirming this , to affirm that there must exist a being of such type that we normally call GOD. A some one who is superior to man, a someone who puts order to all.