The role of jesus in christianity term paper

In Christianity, the people believe in only one God. The God exists in a trinity where God is the father, Jesus Christ is the Son and there is the presence Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ in Christianity came to the earth to die for the sins of men and reconcile them to God. Jesus Christ is the foundation of Christianity. In this paper I will explore the significant role Jesus has played since the end of the Old Testament and how through his death we were set free and he continues to be a source of hope to Christians.

According to the Christian, God created the man and woman, known as Adam and Eve and placed them in the Garden of Eden. All was well till they disobeyed God and listened to the devil. The devil disguised as a serpent advised the human beings to eat from the tree of death and life which God had commanded them not to eat. When sin entered the world, God had no option but to chase them away out of the garden. The people in the Old Testament had to offer goats and sheep as sacrifices to God to wash away their sins. In Hebrews, the writer says that Jesus came to die for men’s sins and he was the last sacrifice. He is the last sacrifice (Seward, 2001, pg 11). The people no longer have to slaughter goats and sheep. The prophets in the Old Testament prophesied about the coming of Jesus Christ known as the Messiah. Jesus Christ presents the way to the father for humanity (Grampton, 2000). In the Gospels, he says he is the way, the truth and the life. He says that there is no other way to the father. As the son of God, he was born by a virgin called Mary in the town of Bethlehem. He had to be incarnated into the human race so as to reach humanity with the message of his salvation.

The Bible further says that only those who believe that he is the son of God and died for humanity’s sins will have eternal life. The Christian faith believes that the present earth will perish away and a new earth will be formed. This new earth will be occupied by the believers. The people who do not believe in Christ will not inherit eternal life. The Bible often speaks of the evil forces and good forces. On the day, Jesus Christ comes for the second time, he will judge the people of the earth on their deeds and works while on earth. The Christians believe in hell where the disobedient people will be burning together with the devils and his demons.

The Christians are to live their lives worshipping God and Jesus. They are to emulate their life according to the life that Jesus Christ lived while on earth. On earth, Jesus performed many miracles where he healed the sick, raised the dead and set free the demon-possessed people.

In Isaiah, the prophet lays down the mission of Jesus Christ on earth. He not only came to reconcile man to God and give them eternal life but he also came to set them free to live a victorious life on earth. The Christians constantly pray to Jesus to set them free. The miracles he performed show them his great compassion on them and the glimpse of a better life than the one they are currently living for. In Christianity, Jesus also acts as the Master and Lord. He directs the believers’ life. He gives them the laws on how to leave on the earth. Through the parables he told the disciples, the believers get the standards that God expects them to live by. The life of Jesus Christ is the example the believers should live by (Jackson, 2008)

In conclusion, the roles of Jesus Christ in Christianity are several. He redeems the people from sin and reconciles them to God. He heals their diseases and gives them power over the dark forces on the earth. This is to enable them t live a victorious life. He is God, directing the believers on how to live their lives. Finally, he is a judge who will examine the way people lived their lives and reward them based on their works and deeds while on earth.

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