The role of messaging in the professional office setting creative writing examples

Messaging plays an essential role in ensuring efficiency and effectiveness in many organizations. Messaging is essential in all fields including business, education, and medical fields. In every organization, there are operations involved. For effective performance of these operations in terms of output, messaging is required. In an office setting, messaging plays a number of roles. Messaging ensures understanding of various aspects that one was not aware about. In most cases, messaging promotes cooperation among individuals. Messaging enables individuals in offices understand what their roles are as without a comprehension of one’s roles and responsibilities there cannot be effective performance. This way, messaging ensures office performance and responsibility, which ensure the achievement of the desired goals and objectives. Messaging aids in solving conflicts that may arise among members in the office and other individuals involved in the functions of the office. In a medical and other fields office settings, messaging enables facilitates feedback. This enables patients to identify shortcomings in clarity. Messages with backups in written or recorded data provide for future references (Blesi et al. 131).
Spring Charts are Electronic Health Records used by health care officials to manage billing, scheduling, and claims of patients. The main goal of is to empower staff to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide better health care services. Spring charts, therefore, ensure functionality of electronic health records. They include patient-tracking, appointments, reports, e-mail and messaging, chart evaluation, coding tools, certified billing links and template management in a single integrated system (Hamilton et al. 102). Spring charts help in meeting the goals of messaging in that they include all the information related to patients, which they can easily trace when required. For instance, easy access of information in the records ensures efficiency, cooperation and improved productivity. A good example of a patient concern where Spring Charts would be used billings. Some patients might be having problems with their billing records. This could be solved by using the Spring Charts to determine what the patient paid, in order to prevent any conflicts between the patient and heath care staff.

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