The seriousness of global warming argumentative essay examples

Global warming is a real threat to the existence of man on earth. Despite concerns from a number of scientists about the adverse effects of global warming, many people still do not care greenhouse gas emissions. There is no consensus about whether the consequences of global warming are real, exaggerated or even underestimated. Many people now believe that the media gets used to propagate exaggeration of the seriousness of global warming. However, this is not the case. Global warming is real, and so are its effects. Scientific data collected and analyzed by reputable scientists not only prove this, but also adduces evidence to show how it is happening.

It is inauspicious that when there is a debate about global warming, it tends to be discussed on economic, ideological and theological perspectives. A survey conducted in the United States, by the Gallup Survey, indicated that approximately 57% of the population considers that global warming is a genuine phenomenon. Moreover, evidence from the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature field study show that, since the 1950s, the earth temperatures rose by about 1%. Further evidence indicates that, approximately 1. 4 degrees Fahrenheit, increased in about a period of 100 years. Other studies carried out by several organizations such as NASA also support this unique phenomenon.
With increasing emissions of greenhouse gases into the stratosphere, scientists at the intergovernmental panel for climate change predict that the increase in global temperatures will continue at a rate of 0. 03 degrees per year. This means that, during the 21st century, world temperatures will rise by about 3. 4 degrees Fahrenheit. The consequences of such a rise in temperatures will be adverse.

Global warming effects are too slow to be felt by humans being. However, with time effects such melting of the Greenland ice shield would lead to increase in ocean levels. Some scientists speculate that the rise in ocean levels will lead to flooding in coastal regions and cities. Cities like New York will be flooded. Solidified methane exists on ocean floors. If there are an increase ocean levels the methane would be emitted to the atmosphere leading to a warming factor, which scientists believe is ten times than the warming effects of carbon IV oxide.

The spread of disease is another harsh reality of global warming. As countries in the northern part of the world warm, insects which are carriers of diseases migrate to north carrying plagues and other diseases. Malaria is an ideal example. Environmental disasters will become a frequent occurrence with an increased number and strength of hurricanes and storms, and floods and droughts will also be affected. In countries which usually experience low rainfall will experience 10% less rainfall. Moreover, rare animal and plant species, which depend on the environment, may become extinct. With changes occurring in the world’s ecosystems, life is going to be uncomfortable and fresh water will not be readily available.

Despite argument for and against global warming, it is essential that all people appreciate this is a real threat to human existence. Governments, Nongovernmental organizations, corporations and all stakeholders should take these preliminaries sighs serious, in order to prepare adequately to tackle these adverse effects. Enactments and adoption of the requisite legislation should be emphasized to manage emission of dangerous gases to the stratosphere. The international community should also join hands and ensure that developed countries enact mechanism to reduce the amount of gases they emit to the environment.


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