The short narration casey at the bat

He allowed the first pitch to pass him by, as though it was unworthy of his attention and skill, with the second pitch the same, and as the third approached to crop wad was ready to jump to fence at take the field. Casey now with determination and a fierce anger in his eyes, ready to hit the third pitch and prove his overly hyped skills. As the ball approached the crowd fell silent, Casey swung with all his might, creating a thick dust clog d. The dust settles as an overwhelming disappointment fell across the crowd, Casey had s truck out.

The short narration of the game show flaws in Case’s character, best reveal by the crowd’s perception of him, and his pride, ultimately leading to his death as the e character of ‘the mighty Casey”(20). Casey is just a man, nothing more, the crowd made him to be more, because t he outcome of the game is looking poor and they needed a hero. All the men before Casey struck out or made base by a stroke Of luck. Casey happens to be at the end 0 f the roster, the last chance, the hero of the game.

The crowd speaks of him as though he is the e only chance the team ever has of a victory, the only reason the sun came out this morning g, ” if only Casey could 2 get but a whack at that / We’d put up evenmoney, now, with Casey at the bat”(78). The only reason for showing to the game was to watch Casey at the bat, ” for Casey, mi eighty Casey, was advancing to the bat’ (20). Casey is known by all the fans as mighty, confine dent, prideful, and the only decent player they have seen all game. Making themselves and C ease blind to any mistakes Casey has and will make.

Casey is a baseball player for the mudslide nine whose demise as a character s shown because he is too prideful. During the failures of the other batters, the only thing the onlookers can think of is watching the beloved Casey hit the ball. And Casey, h myself knows it, ” For Casey, mighty Casey, was advancing to the bat. / There was ease in Case’s manner as he stepped into his place; / There was pride in Casey bearing and a smile on Case’s face” (2022). Though Careers true colors are shown when he allowed the first pitch to pass him right by, as he says ” That anti my style”(32).

Come the second pitch the as me, as though the ball is unworthy of even one more glance, ” But still Casey ignored T here is a very fine line between having self confidence and being conceited, Casey flirts co insatiable with that latter of the two. Often an over the top display self confidence can be an tempt to try and hide their shortcomings and failures. Case’s pride is nothing more than s elf hype. By the end of the poem his character flaws and downsides are revealed entirely.

He s so sulfanilamide and overzealous his pride becomes the only thing on his mind, an d in doing so he loses his mighty reputation, ” But there is no joy in Mudslide mighty Casey has struck out”(53). Pride can kill any man, no matter their intelligence or ability to reason, because e it is rarely a good quality to possesses. Pride, it can have a tremendous impact on how you perceive yourself and how others think of you. It impacts your behavior tow rd others and he manner in which you speak to them, how you chose to live your life, how you dress and present yourself, 3 and your attitude towards the day.

It comes down to measuring yourself gaga nest everyone else, ” The rest / Clung to that hope which springs eternal in the human breast; / They thought, if only Casey could get but a whack at that / We’d put up even money, now, with Casey at the bat. But Flynn preceded Casey, as did also Jimmy Blake”(59), instead of looking tat ourselves and discovering what makes you, you, uniquely and without compare. It comes aft ere someone has harmed us, after we’ve achieved something monumental, or done something against perceived odds.

Pride can be the boost we need to protect ourselves from an y further harm or disappointment from others. But pride can have a strong negative impact, ” B UT there is no joy in Mudslide mighty Casey has struck out”(53). Pride can ruin you by giving you the false illusion of knowing more than you do, or even make you believe you know eve retrying. Instead of you hearing a suggestion or a cautionary warning, you hear a dare, some en assuming you will fail. Pride was Case’ssuperpowerbut also his krypton, leading to his own personal destruction. English 100002 Rewrite one of your topic sentences.