The soul of the heart

Shoes. These are my shoes. They are old, worn out, and dirty but they still fit and are still useful, now you can look at these shoes two ways; one way would be thinking these are trash and they deserve to be thrown away from all of the rips and dirt scattered on them or you could think that these shoes are still mostly held together so they could last at least a little longer.

Whatever you say or think, just about anything in general someone will always disagree and it’s okay. These shoes. These shoes have been through so much, they have accompanied me through runs, long bike rides , and car rides. They have accompanied me through adventures up north in the dirt, long walks throughout different states, and even through countless injuries and mishaps. Sometimes I look at my shoes at can’t help but think where did these shoes come from? I know they might of been made in China or some other country but what was the journey they took to just end up at my house? Who made myConverse?, Did the same person make all three of my pairs?, Why does this person make shoes? Are they forced too so they can have food? Do they have a family? Does a machine actually make Converse shoes? Sometimes I don’t know if shoes help or hurt things, I mean they help peoples feet not get scraped up but they are also most likely made in a factory so that can’t be good for the environment or the people living around where the shoes are made. Just one pair of shoes can actually help the environment because it’s proven that owning at least one pair of shoes can make you more motivated to walk places instead of drive, so it benefits the environment by cutting down on car exhaust and it benefits you by preventing you from going obese and keeps your heart healthy. A lot of times it almost seems like we take having shoes for granted because we just put them on, do what we need to do, then kick them back into the closet but people in places like Africa and Southeast Asia or even many people in the United States and Michigan do not have access to shoes because they either can’t afford them when they are working hard to provide food for their family or when they are constantly on the run from terrorist groups or disasters in their country where the only thing on their mind is how can they survive or how can they protect their family. I hope the next time you look at your shoes, you find yourself grateful for being able to afford the pair of shoes you are wearing on your feet. Thank you for reading.