The undefined truth

School, I hate it, but I love it. Many teens this day in age despise school.

They think it’s not important and boring. Everyday I hear the same two questions “ Why do we have to go to school?” and “ Why is school important?” Hey I’ll admit it school is as boring as Larry King Live, but as I’ve gotten through my school career longer I’ve started to notice the importance of school. For example, school sets you up for your future, friends, and fun. Your future depends on what you do in school. You can be what you want to be if you do well in school. In school, you meet friends and have fun with them.

Good grades are also fun to receive. And yes, there is more than one thing that’s fun in school. This school being boring concept has been going on for a long time. Since the late 1890’s and or early 1900’s people have hated school. You can ask any person that’s been through school and they’ll give you the same three reasons why it’s boring: You sit around all day learning, you sit in an uncomfortable plastic chair, and lastly you learn about stuff that you don’t want to learn about. Like all people in that got there place in the fast lane didn’t regret going to school.

Take Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X for example. I know that most the people that might read this article might want to do something interesting in life. Well most thing that you might want to do require an education things like: the Medical field or engineering even sports require you to have an education. My goal is if I don’t make it in sports that I’ll go to into the Medical Field, so I work hard now so I have that option.

Good things about school, everyone has them no one notices. One, you get to hang out with old friends and meet new ones. Two, you get have many new experiences. And three, it sets you up for college. So, in the process of being bored out of your mind, you meet friends and set up what you will do at an older age. Homework, studying, and tests make up a lot of your stress in one day.

Don’t call me nerd, but do those three things to have fun in school and also to plan my future. I enjoy school, not only because of friends, but I enjoy getting good grades more. My good friend T. j. and I met through school.

I’m glad I met him but I enjoy good grades more. Most people meet friends, but don’t realize that they are having fun with that person. I believe that everyone can have fun in school, but don’t let the word get out, you may be called weird. Overall, I agree with most of the teens in America that school is boring. I still don’t forget the fact that school is important.

School is not only important, but it can also be fun. They should look at all the experiences they’ve had and what they’ve done in school. I would like teens to relize that school can be important, fun, and boring at the same time.