Thesis guidelines

How To Make A Baby Thesis? Or The Format Of A Baby Thesis A baby thesis is like a shortened version of your final, completed thesis. As a result, it contains less parts or sections that a full thesis. However, just because a baby thesis is shorter, and therefore takes less time to write, than a completed thesis, this does not mean you should put less effort into your baby thesis. Writing a strong, well-written baby thesis is important, as it can act as your foundation for your completed thesis.

A baby thesis must contain a number of features: Table of Contents A table of contents should show to the reader exactly where the specific sections are within your thesis. Each of the main headings, and any subheadings associated with these, should be listed in your table of contents, along with the page number on which the headings can be found. Introduction An introduction should be imaginative and compelling, and should make your reader care about the information in the rest of your thesis, inspiring them to read on.

However, it must also contain a number of facts, such as the aim of your thesis, what inspired your thesis in the first place, and any work done in the past by you or other which you are building upon in your thesis. Findings and analysis This section is fairly self-explanatory – it should contain the raw data which you gained from your investigation, and an explanation of what this data means for your thesis. Recommendations Recommendations should be aimed at any researchers or scholars such as yourself who are investigating the same topic as the one covered in your thesis.

It should contain any advice on how to make your investigation more effective or accurate, and advice on how to carry out similar investigations. Conclusion The conclusion of your thesis should be an in-depth summary of your most significant findings, and what these findings mean. It should also be linked to the initial question or statement posed by your thesis, in order to create a fluid and flowing piece of text. *************************************************************************************