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As stated in the instructions under the navigation link, ” Papers/ Projects,” a historical analogy Is to ” compare/contrast” two historical events. You should choose two historical events In which you compare and contrast two important historical events such as two battles, two laws, two presidential administrations, etc. You should begin on this assignment as soon as possible. This assignment is very important and is worth 300 points! You must submit your historical analogy no later than OCTOBER 19th!

This assignment Is worth a total of 300 plants It Is due no later than the last day of class Please submit your Historical Analogy to the instructor, using the ” Here is a detailed description of what a ” Historical Analogy” is for the purposes of this course: Historical Analogies are essays that compare/contrast two or more historical events, issues, and/or ideas. Analogies help to increase understanding by dealing with relationships and comparisons – the new to the old, the unknown to the known.

That is, analogies help us to understand unfamiliar Ideas, things, and situations by showing how these matters are similar to something we already know. The instructions below should give you an idea of what the skeleton of a historical analogy essay might look like: You would write a brief Introduction that states your thesis (central Idea, whatever – however you learned It) and previews how your essay will be constructed: [Then you would write the body of your paper:] You would then tie it all together with a well-written conclusion.

So, the Idea Is to compare/contrast two historical events/issues from the same era, or one historical event/lessee from one era with a scalar historical event/lessee from another era, or a current event with a historical event we have read about or discussed. Thus, Historical Analogy assignment is essentially an essay discussing and analyzing what you have learned In a way that makes history meaningful to us In our present Analogies should be a MINIMUM length of 4 double spaced pages. REMEMBER, this is the minimum. You should go beyond the minimum if you expect to receive higher Han minimum points for this assignment.

You must use AT LEAST three sources OTHER THAN your textbook. You should send your analogy to the instructor via the MESSAGES center (as an attachment). The Dropped can be found under the ” Tools” navigation button. Be sure to cite all sources that you use! You must also provide a list of your sources/ references at the end of your paper. This should be the last page of your paper. This is a must! Use the Epistyle and format. Sample Analogy Essay: This is an example of an Analogy essay from one of my previous classes.

Although his analogy is not as long as four (double spaced typed) pages, this should give you a good idea regarding the style and form your essay should take. I hope it is helpful. πŸ™‚ In this analogy, I will compare partisan politics of the early United Gastroenteritis to today’s political parties. Prior to 1789 there was basically one party in American politics. In approximately 1792 due to differing opinions on the direction the United Statehood take in terms of commerce, and trade two separate parties began to form. The Federalist party headed by Washington, but whose financial policy was set by

Alexander Hamilton, believed that the economic success of the United States lied in trade, and commercial interests. Their power base was in the New Mistranslated where there was less of an emphasis on agriculture due to poor soil. The Republican party began around 1792. Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison became convinced that Hamiltonians policies favored the wealthy commercial interests at the expense of agriculture. Their belief was that Hamilton and the Federalists were bent on forming an aristocratic government in the United States.

Although the names have changed we still have two main political parties in the United States. Today we have the Republican, and the Democratic parties. As in the late sass’s both of our present day parties claim to be the party of the people. Like early politics both of our parties continually blame the other for the problems that our society experiences. In the assess citizens complained when the United Stateside not remain neutral in European politics, and the same holds true today. Currently we are mired in problems in Bosnia, and most U. S. Citizens would probably rather not see our U.

S. Troops involved in something we consider not to be our fight. The last thing that I would compare is how our U. S. Politics were nasty back in early look at Aaron Burr, and Alexander Hamilton. Aaron Burr after being thwarted by Hamiltonian his bid for president challenged Hamilton a duel. Burr was upset at Hamiltonian Hamiltonians comment that Burr was too dangerous, and unfit to hold office. The end result was that Hamiltonian shot and killed by Burr in this duel. While today our politicians do not shoot each other, they do find other ways to kill ACH other politically.

In today’s politics no aspect of a public figures private life is exempt from public scrutiny. Our politicians even go as far as to hire private investigators to dig up dirt on each other. While I do not have a fix for the evils, and divisiveness that our two party system brings about, I do think that it does have its redeeming qualities. Having two parties keeps the ruling party semi-honest. With the threat of losing an election should you go against the will of the people, a two party system allows voters a choice come election time.