To what extent are your chosen texts typical of their genre

There are many elements that are conventional In all advertising campaigns, for example using a well known celebrity wearing a dress makes people want to go out and buy that dress, for the simple reason that people want to feel like the celebrity. Although key elements can be used In both audio-visual and printed ads these depend on what target audience the producer is aiming the product at. ‘Advertising, a form of commercial masscommunicationdesigned to promote the sale of a product or service’, this statement clearly explains the reasons for advertising and how it is aimed to attract people to purchase a product. Arrive. For example an audio-visual campaign will includemusic, voice-over to anchor the images and short-narrative and superimposition if the product, in the printed campaigns we have distant dominant images, enigmatic backgrounds, slogans, brand names with the product often larger than it proportionally should be. In this essay I am going to analyses to what extent my three analyses campaigns ‘Channel NON’ ‘Inverse’ ‘D’ are typical of their genre. To begin I will start by analyzing Channel NON’.

Thisadvertisementuses many genre conventions both conventional and Non- conventional. This advertisement contains a well known celebrity who Is very attractive who would appeal to both male and female audience, as women are going to want to be her and by her advertising that she wears this perfume they will go out and buy this to get a taste of her life. And men who find her attractive may go out and by their girlfriends/wives this perfume because they want to have a sense of this celebrity in their life.

The theme of romance is set throughout the advertisement which in reinforced by the music in the background, this a common element used to portray a particular theme within an audio-visual advertisement. The short narrative in this advertisement is particularly attractive to an audience to watch as It Is a romantic, and given off a loving theme which most women’s perfumes seem to use to sale a product, this loving narrative Is again reinforced by he musical background by Claim De Lune a French romantic classic. The branding name Is constantly shown throughout this ad also, egg. T the end the product logo Is shown as a form of necklace which reminds audience of the product being promoted through this ad. This ad has many Non-conventional elements, for example the length of this is advert s unusual and not very common when it comes to advertising. Although because of the 3 act narrative throughout the ad it keeps audience intrigued and they want to continue watching where as if they had of stuck to a one narrative theme audience would find it boring and end up turning the ad off before the ending.

Also at the end of this ad there is Credits. This is not something ads typically have and is very unusual to see, it gives a movie like theme which associates with the actress Nicole Kidnap. The production value of EWE million for this was also not something common hen making an advertisement and Nicole received $3. 71 million which Is extremely much for an ad. Although this advertisement was very successful though out the world and themoneythat was put into the production paid of as Channel NON is ‘Inverse by kylie’.

This is a printed ad and is completely conventional. This product involves and A-list star who gives the illusion through this ad that by wearing this product a person will be attractive to the opposite sex. It gives the idea that you will be able to explore the different facets of maleness, from the business like dominant ale to a vulnerable male who needs to be loved. Two of the campaigns include an image of the product which is much bigger than what it should be, this is a technique used to emphasis how important the product is.

Although the 3rd ad does not include the product because the producers of the ad are confidant that this product is well known that people will have seen the previous ads are even be aware of what this ad is. Overall this advertisement follows the typical genre except for it portrays a dominant leading women in control where as women are normally dominated by men. My 3rd ad that I analyses was ‘D Fashion’. Conventionally there is a inter- inking narrative structure to the three ads in the campaign-this inter-connectivity is a key convention in most campaigns, tying their messages together, as one reinforces the messages of the other.

The are connected through inter-linking characters similarity in backgrounds, similar iconography and a developing story that is acted out in three scenes. The dress codes vary from ad to ad as D&G put a verity of their own new line into the ad to advertise it. Conventionally this ad uses models who re associated with perfection. Attractive females/males are is typically used when advertising a product as it tends to attract more people to look at it.

The technical codes used in the ad are common when advertising a product, for example long shots are used to show a model wearing a dress so that it is obvious and clear to the audience to what is being advertised. There seems to be a dominating color code of Blue through out these 3 ads, the color blue is typical associated with winter which D&G is advertising their winter range of clothing. Unconventionally there is indirect ode of address which is unusual in a printed campaign.

This ad also lacks slogans and specific product placement, like ‘Kylie Inverse ad’ part 3, D&G are confident that their product is well known enough so that they do not have to place slogans and specific product all over. Gender rolesagain are switched round In this ad, women are dominating the men, controlling them taking over the entire add, the women rule in an extreme sexual game. Although this is very unconventionally in ads, D&G have made this conventional when it comes to their ad and people are aware of this.