Transporation services

Transportation services Transportation services
Transportation service is a service provided by a company or an individual that entails moving of good from one location to another, this service may involve movement of goods through air transport, water transport, rail transport or road transport where the services can be provided by individuals, government or companies. The method to use for the various transport services will rely on the type of good being transported, difference in geographical location between the good location and its intended destination and the urgency with which the good is to be transported.
Shipping lettuce from California to New York is fast using air transport and it is also very reliable to deliver the produce to the destination airport, this method of transport is available in both California through the various airline companies found in California and the numerous airstrips and airports. A big advantage of transporting lettuce, which is perishable, through is that there is minimal damages and loss since they are delivered in a very short time, this method is however very expensive to use as compared to other methods. Using rail transport is another way that lettuce can be transported to New York from California, this method is relatively fast as compared to the truck transport as it does not experience traffic jams in the cities or checks by police. Rail transport is found in both states and it is a reliable means of transport, the chances of losses of lettuce are not as many since it is not prone to hijackings, however delays on the way may cause the produce to perish; the cost of transport using rail service is very cheap as compared to air and trucks. Using trucks to transport lettuce between the two states is very slow due to traffic jams and breakdowns, which are common with trucks, therefore not a very reliable method to use to transport lettuce. Trucks are the most available forms of transport and they are relatively cheap as compared to air but more expensive than rail, the chances of damage for the lettuce is high using trucks due to their slowness since lettuce is a perishable product.
Shipping of personal computers from South Korea is faster when using air as compared to water, both of these methods of transportation are available in both countries although London you will use river Thames. Both of these methods can be used reliably to transport the goods and to be delivered at the London with minimal loss or damage, however, air transport will be more expensive than using water to transport the computers.
Transporting of auto parts to Mexico City from Detroit would be faster using air than rails or trucks, in terms of reliability, air and railway transport would be more reliable than truck due to the long distances to be covered, however you may still need to use trucks from the railway station to the warehouse. Water transport is not available between the two cities as Mexico City does not have a water channel but truck, air and rail transport are available. The chances of loss and damages are more using trucks to transport the materials, as they are susceptible to hijacking by criminals, rail and air transport are relatively secure. With the bulkiness of most of auto parts, air transport is very expensive while rail transport is the cheapest as it can carry a huge volume of the parts at once.
Using third party logistics providers would not be a fast way to transport television sets to five centres of distribution in California from Los Angeles due to the long procedure of contracting and agreeing on terms and conditions of transportation. Most of these logistic providers are available in both California and Los Angeles and are reliable in their services, the damages and loss of the TV sets will depend on the cautiousness of the logistics provider, this method is cheaper than the company transporting them since the logistics provider enjoy economies of scale.
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