Understanding of human sexuality and gender identities – transgender, lesbians, and gays, and correlation of increase in homosexuality with an increase of level of civilization

The paper “ Psychology and the Real World – Understanding of Gender Identities by Gernsbacher Morton” is an excellent example of an article on gender & sexual studies. Psychology in the real world It is evident that Real World psychology affects how someone thinks and challenges individual assumptions. It is highly relevant to people’s lives; it is a topic of concern to all throughout the world. All topics under real-world psychology begin with a trigger (a response with the lines “ well I never”. This means that people hardly appreciate the association with the topic. This is an article that will give readers an opportunity to see how psychology is all us. It will also give one analysis of how homosexuality (an aspect of Psychology in the real world) has set roots in the prevailing world’s culture (Morton 11).

There has been a common debate over marriages. Everyone’s question is, “ What is the point of marriage among gay?” Different philosophers argue on the basis of legal issues and property, but the debate is still unresolved. It beats logic to hold a marriage certificate and say, “ we are a couple by law,” yet the couple is of the same gender. Many argue that legitimate marriages are those between individuals of a different gender. Some debate against the idea to give room to those who are neither female nor male.

The marriage between Perry and Schwarzenegger in the United States of America challenges the constitution of Proposition 8, as well as human ideology. This was a challenge to the Supreme Court. It was also a challenge to the acting president and many other parties in States. It is against human culture, thus difficult to acknowledge such marriages. Religions around the world do not give an allowance to such practices except a few. In some religions such as Christianity and Islamic, this is an abomination and would lead to termination among cultures. The case between Perry and Schwarzenegger also amazes many readers and scholars. Conservatives such as David Boies, a Democratic trial lawyer opposed the request brought forward by the couple. The couple struggled in fighting for their rights and equality in marriage. This struggle among others such as Loving v. Virginia and Bush v. Gore has to lead to the validation of the previous prohibition of gay marriages.

The University of North Carolina began offering sexuality studies in 2004 at Chapel Hill. This was because of the prevailing issues concerning gays and lesbians. This is a minor course that targets an understanding of human sexuality and gender identities such as transgender, lesbians, and gays. Students had a duty to undertake research to evaluate sexual identities and behaviors in diverse historical periods and cultures. They incorporated different research methodologies such as interviews, surveys, and questionnaires. Records of different cultural practices illustrate and reveal cultural behaviors in relation to sexuality. From the research, it is evident that the few individuals value gays’ ideas. It is also evident that the trend is rising at an unusually high rate. One of the key targets was Africa; there has been a lot of concern regarding the current increase in the number of gays. Some religious groups such as the Anglicans acknowledge gay marriages, though it faces objection from the public. Regardless of the results showing the increase, large numbers of gays are not confident to express their ideas in public (Morton 16).

From the article, it is evident that the increase in homosexuality is increasing with the level of civilization. This is because the world is currently a global market, where different cultures adopt new practices without considering their impacts. We can also learn that homosexual couples are gaining courage as their number increase. We should work together to suppress these practices among communities (Morton 24).