Unit 4 study questions

1. Analyze the changes in global commerce from 1750 to 1914 due to changes in technology, communication and economic theory. 2. Analyze the demographic changes between 1750 and 1914 due to three of the following:     industrialization     food supply     immigration     birth rate patterns     health     slave trade 3. Analyze the social, economic and political changes and continuities facing women between 1750 and 1914 in the industrialized world. 4. Choose TWO of the areas listed below and analyze how each area’s relationship to global trade patterns changed from 1750 to the present.   Be sure to describe each area’s involvement in global patterns around 1750 as your starting point.     Latin America     East Asia     Sub-Saharan Africa     The Middle East     Eastern Europe     North America     South and Southeast Asia 5. Compare and contrast the causes and results of two of the following revolutions?     Haitian Revolution     French Revolution     American Revolution 6. Compare and contrast the causes and results of two of the following independence movements?     Latin American     Chinese     Egyptian 7. Analyze the changes and continuities in labor systems between 1750 and 1914 in ONE of the following areas.   In your analysis, be sure to discuss the causes of the changes and the reasons for the continuities.     Latin America and the Caribbean     Russia     Sub-Saharan Africa 8. Compare and contrast the economic, political and social impact of Western imperialism on TWO of the following regions:     India     China     Sub-Saharan Africa 9. Compare and contrast the cultural and political reactions to Western imperialism in TWO of the following regions:     Ottoman Empire     China     India     Japan 10. Compare the causes and early phases of the Industrial Revolution in TWO of the following regions:     Japan     Western Europe     India 11. Compare and contrast the role of nationalism in both creating nation-states and defining foreign policy in TWO of the following regions        Germany     China     Japan     Egypt 12. Compare and contrast forms of Western intervention in TWO of the following regions:     Sub-Saharan Africa     Latin America     Northern Africa     China 13. Compare and contrast the roles and conditions of women in the upper/middle classes with the peasantry/working class in western Europe. 14. Analyze changes and continuities in the environment due to the Industrial Revolution. 15. Compare and contrast the debates over the utility of modernization theory as a framework for interpreting events in this period and the next?