Unit 9 cpp

In this assignment task i will evaluate a the visit Britain campaign, i will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the campaign and evaluate if the campaign was worth it. The visit Britain campaign was designed to promote Great Britain abroad in this campaign it consisted of many great things you can do whilst in Great Britain. This is a multimillion pound campaign which the government have decided to invest in order to boost up the UK economy. In the TV advertisement, it showed alot of ways in which people can benefit from Great Britain and this is a really good way to promote Great Britain. It also shows the different ways in which you can enjoy yourself in the country from the different sceneries to the different places you can go such as the world famous football clubs to the world famous Buckingham Palace. In this advert it relates to famous British people this is because they want t promote the British economy and who better to do it then well known British actors this is a very good advantage towards the campaign. Another way in which the advert grabbed the customers attention was when they focused on using the Great in Great Britain alot for example Countryside is GREAT Britain – There are 28 World Heritage Sites in Great Britain, Also they had Green is Great Britain. The UK is a world leader in offshore wind energy production and research, with more offshore wind turbines than any other country. Sport is Great Britain – Britain is hosting a decade of great sport including the Olympics in 2012, the Rugby World Cup in 2015, and the Commonwealth Games in 2014. Visit Britain’s vision, is to inspire the world to explore Britain and its mission is to build the value of tourism to Britain, working in partnership with the tourism industry, nations and regions. There are many advantages to this campaign for example, during 2011 Britain welcomed 30. 7 million overseas visits, an increase of 3% on 2010 and the first year of growth since 2007. Within this it was a record year for holiday visits with nearly 12 million visits. In total these inbound visits generated £17. 9billion of spending, 6% up on 2010. This was when the “ your welcome” campaign for Britain was launched in 2011. Another advantage to this campaign is that it was successful in securing a significant amount of additional funding. Working with the Cabinet Office, and its public diplomacy partners — the FCO, UKTI and the British Council — in February 2011 VisitBritain launched the image campaign focused on 14 key global financial cities in nine countries – Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Japan and the US. It is anticipated that an audience of 90m people will be reached with this high impact outdoor advertising as well as on leaflets, posters, banners, on the TV and online to ensure the campaign is seen. On the Visit Britain website there are many ways in which you can check out what Great Britain has to offer from the destination and the maps, to the things you can do whilst you in Britain to accommodation on this website it shows you more or less everything that you need to do to visit Britain. This is a very good way to attract more people to the country because if the website is easy to use then they won’t have any difficulty trying to find out something and they will know how and what to do. In 2012 the main focus was on the promoting the biggest sporting event which was going to be held in London, this was to generate worldwide coverage of Britains attraction, as a result of this more than 14 000 print and broadcast stories have been printed about the UK in the worlds media, this is alot of free advertising that the UK has received as part of this campaign. I think the visitbritain campaign has been a success because it has generated alot of free advertising and alot of opportunities for the UK, it achevied its goals when they contributed £503 million into the economy by their advertising and the work they did on this campain but the reason why it was a success aswell was because we had the Olympics to focus on this was a massive sporting event that was going to attract millions but overall it was a success because it was a record breaking year for travel and tourism in the UK.