Usability study

IPad 2 Ipad 2 is one of the most advanced technologies of the recent times. Although the digital mobile technology has recorded appreciable developments, Ipad 2, manufactured by Apple, has demonstrated profound technological advancement. The Ipad 2 has many advanced features, which make it simple to use whilst performing many functions at the same time. This is a detailed description of the different usability features available on Ipad 2.
Ipad 2 comes with a slim technology, which makes the mobile device to be slim and thin in dimensions. Ipad 2 measures 0. 34 inches thin and is approximately 1. 33 pounds. Despite the slimness, Ipad 2 has a wide screen that makes it possible to view large images. Interestingly, Ipad 2 has only four press buttons. The touch screen technology makes it possible for users to command the Ipad 2 by touching the screen. Additionally, the machine has an inbuilt accelerometer technology that allows images to be viewed in portrait or landscape view. This means that, when the Ipad is rotated in different orientations, images remain upright.
Ipad 2 is one of the quickest and fastest mobile application machines. This is made possible by the dedicated dual-core A5 microchip. Ipad 2 is therefore, able to multitask, provide high performance graphics, surf, and perform other multiple functions with exemplary speeds. Notably, the Ipad has two miniature cameras, one at the front and the other at the back. Although they are small, they are very powerful. The camera at the front is used for face time video calling. This means that the Ipad can be used for real time video conferencing. The other camera is used for taking photos and videos.
It is worth noting that the hundreds of applications that are supported by Ipad 2 are made possible by its operating system. Ipad 2 uses the most advanced mobile operating system called iOS. The iOS operating system supports various mobile technologies such as the accelerometer, touch screen technology, iCloud among others. One of the most interesting applications features in Ipad 2 is iCloud. The iCloud technology enables the users to move files and data from the Ipad to other electronic devices without having to use a connecting device. The iCloud is a communication platform in which different electronic devices can communicate wirelessly with the Ipad.
The Ipad 2 comes with a Wi-Fi and 3G connection technology, which can support UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA internet connections. This means that the device can connect to high-speed internet connection ports fast and seamlessly. With the 3G technology, the device can upload and download large files at very high speeds. The high-speed internet connection also makes it possible to stream videos files in real time without having to download the files. The storage capacity for Ipad 2 comes as 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64 GB.
Although the ipad has much functionality, its power consumption remains relatively low. Ipad 2 is powered by a 25 watt per hour lithium polymer battery that is rechargeable. The battery can power the device for approximately 10 hours while in continuous use. This is made possible by the low power consumption dual processor. Undeniably, Ipad 2 features are so many and interesting. The device is worth its market value since it provides user experience and usability.
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