Vagina monologues essay example

Vagina Monologues

Vagina monologues bring together several monologues given by different women. Previously, it was Eve Ensler’s task to perform each of these monologues by her. However, what followed her single performance were performances by three actresses. Now, Vagina monologues are staged with every role assigned to a different actress. One distinct feature is that there is a relationship between every monologue with the vagina. This occurs through orgasm, birth, masturbation, female genital mutilation, menstruation, rape, love, sex, various vaginal names or physical appearance of the body. Throughout the performance, the theme that never ceases recurring is that in which the vagina gets credit as a female empowerment tool besides being the ultimate picture of individuality.

A few examples of these monologues include:

1. My Vagina Was My Village,

This monologue sprung from the testimonies and experiences of Bosnian women who were sexually coerced in rape camps.

2. I Was Twelve, My Mother Slapped Me:
This monologue is in form of a chorus and it describes the first menstrual period of many young girls and women.
3. Reclaiming Cunt,
This is a monologue given by a woman to convey the message that though it has disconcerting connotations, the word “ cunt” is a lovely word.
4. The Little Coochie Snorcher That Could,
In this monologue, a woman brings out memories of her in which a woman recalls memories of distressing sexual experiences she had in her childhood (13 years). At the same time, she recalls her sexual experience at the age of 16 (adolescent). She describes the later experience as “ positive healing.” Out of this monologue have come numerous criticisms and controversies related to its content.