Ventura county medical center expansion project research paper examples

Providing the necessary services to the citizens is the responsibility of every government. The national, state or local government has to ensure that it understands the exact needs of the people. A good and effective government achieves this through proper formulation and implementation of policies that addresses the concerns of the citizens. In order for this policies and plans to be effective the people have to be consulted and addressed on the intended plan by the government. Some of the concerns usually raised by the citizens include proper medical facilities.
The county supervisors in Ventura recently came up with the policy to expand the Ventura County medical center. They felt that the county standards had changed prompting the need to expand the health facility in order to address and meet the increased residents need. The project includes the expansion of the medical center by 200000 square feet and ensures that it has a bed capacity of 120. The project whose budget is estimated to be 250 million dollars was approved by the county supervisors. It will ensure that the county improves in terms of handling emergency medical cases. This is because the plan includes operating rooms, intensive care unit, obstetrics, imaging among other essential facilities (Kisken, 2011). The plan will include replacing the existing buildings with new state of art five story complex giving the clinic a new face.
Ventura County will benefit because the approval of the plan was driven by the increased need in improved medical facilities and attention. The County supervisors move to pass the plan has its implication in terms of service delivery to the people. The improvement and upgrading of the medical facility will lead to improved medical attention and care. The increased number of beds will ensure that the facility hold more patients. The intensive care unit will cater for patients who are in a bad state and need extra care. The residents will not be affected by the expansion of the medical center only through improved health care but the expansion and construction process will have a great impact on their daily life. The county supervisors and the county authority in general will be affected by the plan depending with the reception their plan gets from the resident. This depends with whether they consulted the residents who are negatively affected by the plan.
In terms of improved health services and attention to the residents of Ventura County, the policy is important and will bring a positive change. This is because the increased bed capacity and facilities in the proposed expansion of the county medical center will ensure more patients are attended to at a time. The plan will also lead to creation of employment as the company contracted to expand the facility will need workers who are likely to be picked from the county (Wilson, 2013). These are some of the issues that directly affect the residents of Ventura County and will be addressed through execution of the project. Although the project seems to be a great idea due to the positive impacts it will bring to the residents of the County, it also have its negative impacts that have been addressed by a section of the residents. The construction includes expansion of the existing building to create a five story clinic. This will lead to noise pollution as well as other negative impacts on the environment as it is very close to the coastline.


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