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no. Visuals and Page Design: Our Roads Our Lives It should be d that driving under the influence of alcohol is highly dangerous and has led to very many road accidents that have in turn led to numerous deaths on our roads. Similar accidents have been caused by use of phones on roads either by drivers or pedestrians. Regardless of these behaviors posing threat to the community, most people still allow themselves to commit the same problems. Therefore, there should strict measures installed into individuals that reminds them on the problem thereby not committing whenever they are using the roads. Some of the measures that can be put in place include revoking or suspending drivers’ licenses for persons found of such offenses, confiscating number plates of such drivers, and increasing penalties for the crimes. On the other hand, the pedestrians must not use phone while crossing roads. Moreover, drivers must evade the use of phones at all times especially while driving or alighting from their vehicle since the same my interfere with their personal judgment while driving and distract them thereby placing other road users including themselves in gravies dangers.
Road users must protect each other at all costs by ensuring they do not create, increase, and do any risky behavior while using the roads. Notably, the government and society have for many years cooperated in improving safety on our roads; therefore, for those who are unable to use the road safely must consider hiring or requesting for designated drivers. Statistics has it that most fatal accidents are caused by persons driving under the influence of alcohol among other drugs or persons with high content of alcohol in their blood (BAC).
It is vital that all road users to have their 100 percent concentration on the road; hence, the use of phones while using the roads must be evaded at all costs. Opposed to the road accidents caused by mobile phone users, drunk drivers are known to cause most of the accidents. However, with strict traffic laws and sensitization, accidents caused through drunk driving have reduced drastically since 1982 from a height of 60 percent of total road accidents to 39 percent in 2005. Shockingly, the trend changed in 2005 in an increasing trend to 42 percent in 2010. This has been attributed for by the increased use of phone especially accounted for by the social media that seems to be taking the world crazy (Martinez 142).
Changes in the percentage shows how better the society and the authorities have worked towards improving road fatalities; however, reinforcement of all other measures will lead to even better results since drunk driving and using of mobile phones on the roads can be avoided. Such measures start with individuals; hence, every road user must ensure the road is safe for everyone’s usage.
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