Washington state university report

July, 1st, 2012

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation


Dear Sir/ Madam,
I am writing to convey my desire for an entry position of an electrical engineer with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation. In order to asses my competency and technical knowhow, I have attached a copy of my resume and a comprehensive portfolio detailing the reasons why I am applying for your company.

I believe that my mixture of resourcefulness, knowledge of the world, and experience with engineering as an undergraduate student of Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering at Washington State University makes me capable to be a good worker. In addition, I am a holder of an Associate Degree of Electrical Engineering from Yanbo Industrial College in Saudi Arabia. I have also done a productive internship with SAMRF that gave me the opportunity to apply the hands-on approach of learning.

As an international student at Washington State University, I have acquired an understanding of the world that incorporates an American -English approach while retaining an outsider’s perspective and understanding of the world. My American experience has taught the skill of professionalism that I strive for each day. As a specialist in Electrical Power system, I have been able to design, develop, and find solution for complicated Electrical Power issues. In addition, when I was student in YIC I have to get a training that was in Saudi Aramco Mobil Refinery Company Ltd. Because of my background, I believe I am prepared to work with Saudi Basic Industry Corporation as an electrical engineer.

Experience has trained me how to create relationships with every segment in an organization and to listen attentively for details.

If I can provide you with any further information on my experience and qualifications, please let me know.

You can reach me anytime via email at xxxxx. com phone at 0000000000000.

Thank you for your time and attention. I am looking forward to speaking with you about this job.


Enclosure: Proposal