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We all need a car at some point in our life and you are taking a private party auto loan than you must know the basics of private party auto sale. Most of the Americans believe that one of the most dreadful things while buying a car is to deal with the dealer. Well, there exists one more option to buy a car that is to buy from a private party. Many of us believe that buying from a private party is riskier but once we entirely understand person to person car sale than it is a whole new world What is a private party auto sale? When there is no dealer between two parties when you buy or sell a car that is what we call a private auto sale. In this type of sale, you meet the other person and get all the information about the deal straight from the horse’s mouth. Advantages of buying a car in private party auto sale: Both the parties in the deal get to know first-hand information. There is no dealer in between them to fabricate vehicle informationYou can directly ask the owner about its history and performance No high pressure for negotiationNo commission for dealers means more money in your pocketHow to get a private party auto loan? Requirements for a private car loan: It is necessary that you and your co-qualifier be at least 18 years of age.

Your monthly minimum income must be $1, 800You should have Valid Social Security numberYou shouldn’t be having an open bankruptcy. You should be employed for at your current employers for at least 6 months. It is also     mandatory that in your last job (the job before the current one) you lasted for 6 monthsYou must be staying for at least 6 months at your current residence. Utility bill or rent bill can be used to prove the term.

All the above mention requirements are pretty standard for a car loan. Getting a loan for a private party auto sale is easy to obtain. Private party auto loans offer the flexibility to purchase a car from any individual with comparatively low rates.