Web search engine swot analysis for google

They illustrate their care and concern for their employees y providing; on-site physicians and nurses, convenient medical services, and comprehensivehealthcare coverage. The staff and their families are covered with SWOT ANalysis forGOOGLEBy resurrection’s parents get time off and some extra spendingmoneyto help them welcome their new bundle of Joy. Employees are provided with a large selection of healthy freefoodwhile they work, and are reimbursed for classes or degree programs that help them with what you do. (Agreeable, 2012).

Communicationis a huge part of the organizational strengths of the Google Empire; Google firmly believes that feedback ND discussion are an important part of doing business so every Friday, Google holds a forum called ” Thank goodness it’s Friday” (TGIF) to have an active conversation and answer questions ranging from product decisions and external news to internal people-related policies and decisions, and the notes are distributed broadly across the company. Google encourages employees to attend problem-solving sessions designed to resolve business challenges.

Ethics; The Google organization believes; muff can make money without doing evil”. They demonstrate this by; ensuring that ads do not display on any results pages unless they are relevant where they are shown, not accepting pop-up advertising, that interferes with the searchers ability to see the content they’ve requested, and ensuring that the integrity of their search results are never compromised by; never manipulating rankings to put their partners higher in the search results nor one can anyone buy better a page rank. Nassau, 2011) Since Google operates by standards all of their own they are having a problem with their current SCOFF, George Rexes whose traditional emphasis on the bottom line and ointment to corporate structure doesn’t sit well at a company like Google. He cares very little about the tangible needs of the employees, rather choosing to force on the company’s monetary growth, rather than that of the company’s reputation. (Forbes, 2011).

One could argue that Google spends way too much time focused on the wellbeing of their staff by feeding them with endless perks in exchange for theirloyaltyandhard work. The question it poses is; what happens when they are no longer satisfied with what they are offers and demand more, more than what the company is willing or at liberty to give? Will the staff remain committed, abandoned ship, or diminish their work ethic? Is the Google administration guilty of not thinking ahead? Since Google operates solely online, a cause for concern could be in the area of hiring.

In today’s society there is so much identity fraud taking place, how can you be sure that who you are hiring is who they say they are, especially when they are not physically sitting across from you, let alone in another country. Such situations could prove to be a security issue and can make or make a company. I conduct background checks on a regular basis for my staff and sometimes I run into problems verifying heir past endeavors when they have lived abroad. I could only imagine the complications that Google HRS undergoes when they conduct their searches.

Another weakness would be ” Copy Writing and Privacy’ issues. In the past Google has been presented with law suits claiming that their ” Web Cache” feature violates the copyright laws, to which Google responded by adding a feature which disables the cache option, but this lead to a bigger issue; Privacy (or the lack thereof). Not everyone is happy about the fact that their address, pictures, and other various types of personal information can be found on the Google search engine. Some feel that it situations and outcomes. This is a problem that Google is still trying to rectify until this day.