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WOMEN & MILITARY, WAR AND PEACE GENDER AND HUMAN SECURITY Women are known to belong to the weaker gender. Though in the 21st century, women have been termed to be of equal gender to their male counterparts. This has resulted to involvement of them in most of the activities which used to be ‘ men’s activities’. Women have been very active in very many fields since the time the existence of gender and equality was vibrant in the streets. That has seen women work and even study courses which were termed to be for men.
Women have even gone to the extent of serving in the military either in the war front or in the related industries. With the rising technology and demand for new weapons, women have secured positions in the weapon industries and also control rooms. Despite women joining the military in respective fields, they have faced several challenges which deprive them their basic rights. For instance, the women serving the military overseas either working in clubs or massage parlors, they are at risk of being abused sexually or even being infected with STIs (Vigil 473).
These risks and enormous challenges they face while serving in the military, leaves a lot of questions on whether their basic rights are being preserved or is really humanity towards their rights being observed? These challenges the women face while in the war fronts and in the military base, majority of them go unreported (Vigil 466). The case for militarized prostitution which is very rampant in the overseas scenario, may end up being unrecognized by the human rights watch.
After the September 11, 2001 terror attack in the U. S, more military actions were taken a step which saw more demand of extra workforce. In the Iraq war which U. S had participated fully, saw relocation of a good number of its military to Iraq. This step by the then president, George Bush was highly condemned in the streets as even women matched ahead and demanding their sons back. This was a step to ensure peace in their country and safety for everybody (Vigil 475).
Women serving in the military are exposed to very many risks which deprive them their basic rights. They always stand high chances of being misused and abused either physically or sexually. This is very wrong for them and it is not right for them to be in the military bases and war fronts. More young men should be trained to replace them and the aging.
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