What are your opinions of the movies uploaded to moodle this week

Topic: What are your opinions of the movies uploaded to Moodle this week? XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX Four films uploaded to moodle have diverse and dynamic aspects to consider. In this regard, personal opinion and inferences of the activities and events characteristic of the fims is fundamental to analyze. The follows discussion is a review of my personal inferences on all the four movies. To statt with, United States citizens went to the polls to elect their President. Bush emerged the winner during that election. The movies uploaded to Moodle are set on the aspects and concepts of political interests and the impacts realized from it. This movie that presents President Bush to have rigged the general election and consequently declared the winner portray that political interests are marred with personal gains more than the interests of the people who elect the leaders into their respective positions. To pursue these interests, mechanisms must be put into place in order to facilitate the entire process.
The second movie merges politics with conflict, war and hope at the same time. The US has for a long time pursued the Middle East countries, engaging them in wars and/or fighting them when warring with other countries other than the US. Analyzing the concepts under which this is beneficial or harmful only proves difficult than the subject matter. US has destroyed and messed up many Middle East countries, but at the same time it has actively been involved in the reconstruction of these nations. Such a process denotes hope for the disadvantaged, but the interest pursued here remains unclear. The 9/11 event therefore puts forward the theory of “ things gone futile”, when the US found itself under attacks. Further to the interests of this movie, the Middle East and the US have been said to collaborate in business. This fact only makes the analysis of the relationship between these nations dynamic, critical and hard to explain, just represented by the film.
Media reporting and the lies of Michael Moore can be connected, and a balance can indeed be stricken between the two. The Aljazeera Control Room (Part 1) and the lies of Michael Moore depict critical analysis of the things that have been taken literally or for granted by the society in relation to politics and governance. Unfairenheit 9/11- The lies of Michael Moore can be described as an insult to the word “ dishonest”. This film presents very analytical cases of events that occur in the ordinary social setting but with rare realization of the ordinary person. However, to my own opinion, these movies have been exaggerated to present the cases contained therein as extreme, but I think they are relevant to consider, because they only show that politics, war and conflicts that end in hope only fool the innocent, who are the victims. The second Iraq war is the subject matter of the films. They have consequently led to the conclusion that political decisions and interests among countries correlate personal inteterests in successful governance to the mechanisms of dynamic and diverse political agendas.
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