What do you think of the concept of ungraded writing

Topic:  What do you think of the concept of ungraded writing What do you think of the concept of ungraded writing? When I hear about the conceptof “ Upgraded writing” I think of writing a document in an improved manner. When people write, the main intention of the writing should be to allow the readers to understand the subject or topic of the writing well enough. The written piece of document should depict the real purpose of writing and this is possible only through upgraded writing. This upgraded writing is more relevant to essay writing, where there is need of structured writing. Every essay needs to persuade the writer in synthesizing the same ideas which the writer follows. According to (Hewitt) “ Your essay’s point of view may be to persuade the reader to share your beliefs on the topic”.
2. What do you think your students will think or say?
I think when I ask my students about the upgraded writing they will respond that this writing is related to pupil with disability in learning. Usually the writing skills of disabled students are of poor quality; hence the students can have the inclination to think upgraded writing as a writing related to disabled student. As per (Zhang)“ Teaching students about writing is an ever present and significant problem. For students with learning disabilities, this problem often presents even greater challenges”.
3. How can you convince them that this is a constructive and positive learning experience?
I would convince my students that upgraded writing is a concept applicable to all students. I would explain to them that, all disabled do not have poor skill in writing. I would describe to my pupil that working hard and knowing the writing skills, anyone can practice upgrade writing. According to (Donovan)” It goes without saying that if you don’t ever bother writing, your writing will never get any better”.
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