What dose it mean to be a human essay

What does it mean to be human? What is a human? What makes someone human? Although, some opinion may be as same or difference because of the answer have vary from person to person.

I belief human must have three main characteristic to be a human. First, in physical human have large brains compared with body size and body weight which it has many nervous cells. Brains include Cerebrum, Thalamus, hypothalamus, Cerebellum, pons and Medulla. Humans are the only animals that have a backbone perpendicular with stand upright and are bipedal Second, in the past human have develop and evolution cognitive that is the cause humans can invent new things for survives. For example, Thomas Edison works known as the inventor of the light bulb.

Alexander Fleming, the scientist who discovered antibiotics, the first called Penicillin. Symbolic logic, which means that the symbol represents the cause and effect that human have ability to create different symbols to use in real life such as road sign, others mark or languages. Moreover, human have rational and thinking that can find into the Primate only. Third, Behavioral of humans are various but something of interest is ability to learning, which can make human beings to solve more complex problems and learn not to repeat the mistake.

Furthermore, Human have traditional and Ethics long times that humans believe in sin and goodness. In conclusion, humans have three characteristic of what was to be a human: large brains, cognitive and behavioral that belief humans are social animals by nature have to live together with other people connected to each other cannot exist alone.