What if every adult was guaranteed employment essay sample

What if Every Adult was guaranteed a Job?

Psychologists have said that unemployment is one of the most traumatizing events in an individual’s life. Unemployment is a factor that inflicts costs on the economy through taxes and not only on the unemployed but also on the employed. It is however, the wish of every government to eliminate unemployment in the country. The only way a government can eliminate unemployment is by being the employer of the last resort. This is because the government cannot force private companies to hire employees. If the government adopts a job employment program, there will be impacts to the society. For instance, the rate of unemployment will reduce. Secondly, if the government decides to provide some dollars to the unemployed then it means the government will incur an extra cost. Thirdly, it would be too expensive for the government to provide employment to citizens, because this will reflect in the taxes which will be paid by the employed and the unemployed

How the problems of federal government guaranteed jobs compare with the benefits

First, it will be extremely expensive for the government to provide employment to everybody, as this will reflect in the taxes by the citizens. The taxes will be hike to compensate for the extra cost the government is incurring. However, all the citizens will be employed and at least put food in the table. The government will therefore try uplifting the status of the poor by taxing the rich more.

If participants of the federal guaranteed job did not perform well, what should be done to them?

Personally, I think they should be warned. They should also be sensitized on the need of them working hard because of risk of them losing the job. If an individual persists on performing a poor job, then they should be demoted to a lower job. However, if this perseveres, they should be sucked and replaces with an unemployed one.