What is sex and what is gender what are the sociological arguments for distinguishing between the two illustrate your position

What is sex and what is gender? What are the sociological arguments for distinguishing between the two? Illustrate your position. Even though sex andgender is more or less the same thing yet they are distinguished in more ways than one. Sex is the relation of two individuals with each other through a sexual intercourse while gender is the basis of his or her masculinity and femininity. The male gender is different from the female gender due to the physical characteristics of both these genders. What is most important is the link of sex and gender within the domains of the sociology. It is significant to note that both sex and gender are perceived differently because they are seen as entirely opposite things. There are certain sections of the society which feel offended if the word ‘ sex’ is used. They would use the term gender to distinguish between males and females. The word ‘ sex’ would therefore be substituted by gender as it is very respectfully substituted to suit the sociological settings (Quina, 2000).
My position is that sex and gender is more or less the same thing and could be used interchangeably. They can be related to the males and females but should not be seen differently from one another because they are two sides of the same coin. Hence it would be fitting to suggest that sex and gender are similar and have absolutely no opposite views with one another. The society needs to become liberal with its acceptance of the word ‘ sex’ so that it does not have to be substituted by gender each time the former is made use of.
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