What motivates people at work? essay sample

What motivates people at work? What motivates people at work? There are 5 factors that can motivate people to work. Firstly, salary, financial gains and bonuses can motivate people. People work for money to live. The higher salary they get, the more motivated they become. For example, if the employer announces that he will give a bonus next month to the best employee; all the employees will want to get the bonus. They will be more motivated to work. Therefore, financial gain is a very important factor to motivate the workers.

Medical benefits, insurance, gifts and scholarships are the second factor that motivates workers. For example, if medical benefits are different between upper and lower division employees, the upper division employees will get more medical benefits than the lower. So, the lower division workers will work hard to promote to upper division so they can get more benefits. This may also be the case for insurance. The upper division may get more insurance coverage. So, the lower division workers are motivated to work harder to get the insurance. If the company provides scholarships to employee? s children, the employee may be motivated to work hard to stay at the company for a long period for their children sake. They want the scholarship for their children because they may not be able to afford it. Therefore, these benefits are also a type of motivation.

The third factor of motivation is flexibility at work. If the employer allows his workers to be flexible in their working times, the workers will then be able to divide their time accordingly to do their jobs. This will make them very happy and motivated to work under that employer. Also, if the company lets the employees to choose where they want to work in, they will be even motivated. They may want to choose to work in a branch which is near where they live so it will be easier for them to travel to work. Thus, flexibility at work will give the workers more freedom in their work.

Working relationship is the relationship between the employer and the employee. If the employees have a good communication level with their employer then they will feel motivated to work. Another type of good working relationship is the relationship among the employees. They will be happy to work if they have good friends in their company and can do their job unitedly. If the employer can get to know his employee more deeply, this will make the employee feel he is being concerned, the employee will then work harder. Therefore, relationship among the employers and employees are very important.

The last factor to motivate workers is to provide good environment for employees to work. Let the worker feel comfortable and safe when they are working. For example, for employees who work in the office, provide the things that they need for work. Such as the temperature in the room cannot be too hot, so provide air-conditioning for them. Lights must be fully provided when they are working. Thus, good environment is one of the factors that the most employees consider to work or not. They will be motivated if the condition of the environment is good.