Which allied power contributed the most in ww2

All Allied Power contributed to making the Nazis power fall by supplied men and fought with honor to defeat the Nazis. Each Country gave something which made them a major contributor in WW2. The Soviet Union lost millions of men each battle. They lost the most soldiers and civilians in WW2. United States was the largest supplier of material. They were the reason allied power had material to fight each battle. Britain gave the most navy support . Their navy contributes to blocking the Germans from supplies and helps destroy the Nazis Navy which had help defeat Germany.

Every Country has an extreme amount of dedication and support to help the Allied power conquer the Nazis but in my Opinion the Soviet Union made the biggest contribution to winning WW2. In WW2 over 23 million Soviet military & civilians were killed. The Battle of Stalingrad was the bloodiest battle in human history, Over 1. 5 million Russian solider and civilians died. The United States and The United Kingdom dead’s combined does not reach a million . United kingdom lost over 450, 900 people and United States lost 418, 500. Together they lost approximately 869, 400 people.

I am not saying United States and United Kingdom deaths weren’t important as Soviet Union deaths. Every death deserve honor. I just believe Soviet Union have up a massive amount of its people in WW2. Soviet Union was a big country; it had a population168, 524, 000 in 1939. United States had a population of 131, 028, 000. United Kingdom had a population of 47, 760, 000. Russian lost 14. 2% of its population in WW2. You may say that not a lot but think of it this way 23, 000, 000 out of 168, 524, 000 people. That includes soldiers and civilians.

You might still say that not a lot well let try this. The United States lost 418, 500 people in WW2 out of 131, 028, 000. That is approximately half of a million people the United States lost in the war. That is . 32 of United States population. United Kingdom lost 450, 900 out of 47, 760, 000. that is . 94 % of the United Kingdom population. That is also another half of million people the United Kingdom lost in the world together that makes a million. Now how a million lives for 2 countries compare to 23 million lives lost one country.

Think of it this way million out of 23 million, a million is 0. 04 of 23 million. A million is not even a full percent to compare to the massive loss of 23 million people. I believeeveryone on the Allied Side deserve Glory for they all contribute to the defeat of Nazi army , but I believe Soviet Union gave the biggest contribution for the Allies Power . If Soviet Union solider and people didn’t sacrifice their lives and fight to defeat the Nazi, It could have been a totally different war that could of lead to a billions more deaths all over the world.