Whom do you believe would be most sympathetic to cloyce’s position and plight who would be the least symathetic

Sarah Cloyce After reading the writings by John Smith, Mary Rowlandson and William Bradford, then comparing them withthe writing of Sarah Cloyce, one could establish among the three writers who would be the sympathetic to Cloyce’s situation in her narrative. Mary Rowlandson would be the sympathetic to Cloyce’s unfortunate situation due to a number of reasons and evidence from her writing.
First of all, both Mary Rowlandson and Sarah Cloyce were both Christians and even attended Puritans churches (Breslaw 144). In relation to Sarah Cloyce story of losing her two siblings via false accusation of practicing witchcraft, Mary Rowlandson also lost her sister. In addition, she witnessed firsthand the death of her relatives when they were attacked by the Native Americans. It was so devastating to her as she too lost her youngest child in the ordeal after being shot. Since Mary Rowlandson suffered losses that she did not deserve, she might be the most sympathetic as she too experienced the cruelty of mankind.
In regard to Sarah Cloyce’s story, John Smith would be the least sympathetic for her situation. In being an explorer and a soldier, smith managed to slay many enemies. John Smith during his lifetime, moreso dedicated it in fighting wars and trying to free his people from oppressive rule. Furthermore, when he was captured by Chief Powhatan, nothing was done on him and eventually left these people with the chief’s daughter, Pocahontas.
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