Why does school have to be so inhumane?

Yesterday I opened up my intern report for school Drama A, French C+, Biology C-, Geometry D-, English and Social Studies F. What kind of person do you think is getting those grades? A very horrible person that does not care about school?, a person that just does not go to school? Well you are wrong a very smart person is getting those grades even though she does care about her future. Well why is she getting those bad grades? Well because of all of the stress that comes with life and school.

Everyday my homework is memorize these fifteen or more vocabulary words for French, memorize your lines for drama, study these ten biology prefixes and suffixes, do these 15 math problems, read four or five chapters out of this book for English and understand what you are reading and what we are doing in class, and Social Studies read this section and answer twenty questions about it. That is my typical night-load of homework. Do I do it? Well sometimes when I am in the mood and nothing is bothering me and I actually understand it which is very rare. Oh yeah and my teachers tell me all of the time that our homework now is actually useful while it’s not useful but it’s useful to pass the test and forget everything after that test. I do not remember what we learned at the beginning of the school year instead in French though. And it seems like that our teachers are just obsessed with homework and are very addicted to it.

And sometimes none of us sleep because we are doing too much homework, doing projects, and studying for tests. And sometimes I get dehydrated and starve because I am doing my homework and I am not the only one either. And what is even worse than that well when teachers give us pressure that we would not get accepted into college if we do not do our work now. Most of the people in my school have to be worried about sports, after school clubs, and other activities. Well for me it’s mostly anxiety problems and not being motivated to do it. My school does not care if we have a bunch of homework for other classes or if we have lives and we are humans.

The only thing that my school cares about is money. They do not care about the well-being of the students they only care about themselves and few teachers like to teach but it’s rare only my french and geometry teachers like to teach. And they do not even get paid enough. I do not know about your school but I think that mine is totally inhumane to me. Because we have so much work I spend more time on my school work and being at school more than my parents are at their jobs working combined! Plus I have harder work to do and some days I feel like that I cannot take it and just bottle up my emotions and when I come home I just unleash them and it seems like a hurricane formed inside of me and is coming out of me.

And there are so many days that I cannot take the stress that one little thing can make me very mad and frustrated. I would be more motivated to do my school work if I actually have control of what I am learning unlike at school. They teach you stuff regardless if you understand it or not. Plus if you do not understand it that makes things even harder for people to succeed. At the beginning of the school year I had so much motivation but all of it is now lost and I think is never going to come back to me.

I even asked my school to see if I can go and do online learning but they think that I cannot do it since I cannot handle the work at school when it’s proven that I do better that way. But that’s another issue that we can discuss later. Oh yeah on my test days even though I know most or all of the material and I have emotional stress I cannot do well and fail. I used to do well in school but not now I used to like my school but not anymore. Even my six year old cousin has more homework now than I did when I was her age and she is already developing the I do not like school attitude she also had homework since preschool! What is our school system coming to nowadays? If someone comes up with the answer please tell me. I really need help with this.

And I am not a crybaby either I usually never complain and barely complained in my life until now I just feel like expressing my feelings. It’s illegal to talk about my school like this but I am going to anyways. And I learned more during the summer than during an entire school year. And I am proud to be part of the homework revolution!