Why i am an excellent candidate to be a commissioned officer in the navy essay

Why I am an excellent candidate to be a commissioned officer in the Navy            I believe that I am an excellent candidate to be a commissioned officer in the Navy’s health field as I possess the necessary skills and knowledge that would enable me to excel in my chosen career. However, more than the skills and the knowledge, it is my attitude and my many experiences in life, which I believe are the two things that will allow me to become an asset to the Navy, and more importantly, enable me to effectively serve the country.             As a student, I believe that I have more than proven my worth as I have constantly excelled in all my classes while also juggling two full time jobs. Although it was difficult to study and work at the same time, this particular experience has enabled me to developed good work ethics, which I believe should be an integral part of any commissioned Navy officer.            Aside from studying and working, I am also currently a full time mother to my daughter and a mentor to junior sailors, which developed in me one of the most important traits that any commissioned Navy officer should possess- leadership.

In this regard, I always make sure that I am a good role model to my daughter and to my subordinates. I believe that by doing so, they would be able pass on the lessons they may have learned from me to future generations who would be able to put them to good use.            Moreover, I believe that my dedication and my unfaltering passion to serve would enable to me greatly contribute to the various health fields of the Navy such as its Radiation and health and Nurse Corps Programs. I also believe that the health programs of the Navy are in line with my service-oriented attitude as it would allow me to serve more people who are in need.

For me, one of the greatest sources of satisfaction in life is to be able to see the smile on the faces of the people whom I have helped.            In short, I believe that my passion for service, my various leadership skills, my commitment, and most of all, my desire to grow both professionally and personally, all make me an excellent candidate to be a commissioned Navy officer.