Why should we stay in afghanistan

Why should we stay in Afghanistan? Why should we stay in Afghanistan? After the United s of America has driven Taliban out of power, established the pro-US democratic government of Mr Hamid Karzai, and the killing of the most wanted terrorist in the world, Osama Bin Ladin, the question arises whether America should leave Afghanistan. However, there are strong arguments for US troops to stay in Afghanistan for the prosperity and the betterment of Afghanistan itself and the whole world at large.
Arguments for staying
The foremost reason why we should stay in Afghanistan is the strategic importance of the place (Woodward, 2011). America supported the Taliban against Soviet Union to make this world uni-polar and now with China threatening to become a super power, staying back would mean US will have more control over the region. Furthermore, Pakistan blames US involvement for the unrest in its country and China supports Pakistan’s claims and wants US to go. Whereas, India pressures NATO forces to remain in Afghanistan, to keep Pakistan engaged at the western border leaving its side to lesser happenings (Bosco, 2012). Considering Osama Bin Ladin was present in Pakistan, and was killed by American Marines in a covert operation in Abbotabad raises questions on its “ ally” status with US against the war on terrorism, as it failed to provide the intel on bin Ladin.
Furthermore, President Karzai’s government is incompetent and very corrupt, with an inefficient army that is unable to preserve a secure Afghanistan (Bosco, 2012). If America leaves Afghanistan in this state, there will be political unrest in the country, giving rise to a Taliban insurgency once again. This will bring back same political and security conditions before US hit Afghanistan, and will fail to accomplish what they had aimed, a safer world free of Al-Qaeda.
Then there is a threat that if US were to leave Afghanistan abruptly, the resulting Taliban government will commence a mass murder, like the withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam (Woodward, 2011). It is feared that the number of civilians slaughtered by the Talibans would exceed the “ killings of 2 million Cambodian civilians by Cambodia’s uncontrolled communist potentate, Pol Pot” (Austin Bay, Express-News columnist, 2012).
Arguments for leaving
The primary argument in favour of leaving Afghanistan is that the US got involved with Afghanistan for two purposes. Drive Taliban out of Afghanistan and end the imposing threat to world peace; secondly, dissipate Al-Qaeda networks and end terrorist threats and attacks on America. They have succeeded in achieving both (Bandow, 2012).
Secondly, the US-NATO troops are increasingly involved in drug trafficking as Afghanistan is the biggest producer of poppy seed fields. UN Office of Drugs and Crime reported in January 2009 that production and the supply of opium and heroin from Afghanistan has increased dramatically since US invasion of Afghanistan, especially in America and Russia. This ratio has increased from 1 metric ton production under Taliban governance to 8 metric tons reported in 2008 (New York Times, 2010).
Despite the overwhelming costs of war, America should stay in Afghanistan, as it would only lead to more unrest and insecurity for itself as well as the rest of the world if they retreat by 2014 according to Obama government’s plan. The tyrant Taliban regime will be inevitable if America does not strengthen the present Afghan government that is successfully able to suppress any insurgency from Al-Qaeda. Therefore, it is best to stay for the overall betterment of America and the rest of the world.
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