Wild horses

During first years of ass’s a new generation was blossomed all over the world. Apparently, this Juvenile posture was trying to brake all the rules from their previous generations. Freedom, liberty and peace were part of manifesto expressed by millions of young people demanding social revolution under one common flag: Rock and Roll. By middle of decade, different rock styles were played all over America: folk, surf, collides, chicane, southeast, bruit among many others.

Perhaps for first time In the story themusicmeant more than chords and scales, It became an expression canvas for all up coming generations. Rolling Stones is one of my favorite band, they were very interested to dig into find the roots of the rock and roll music: Delta blues. Mica Eager and Keith Richards did several trips to Chicago to learn the old school blues with musicians like muddy water or chuck berry. Once they finally dominated the basic tune they could fusion it with the Bruit rock creating the base for their up coming albums and influencing numerous new bands in England and the rest of the world.

Wild horses theme is written by Mica and Keith on 1971. It has an acoustic and melancholy melody. The words are easy to follow and they have metaphoric and idiomatic expressions: Wild Horses: if you say that wild horses couldn’t make you do something, you mean nothing could persuade you to do it Wild horses couldn’t drag me to a party tonight. Dragged something away: push or pull something from a place. In my opinion, the lyrics make reference to a break up and all the process to leave allmemoriesbehind.